Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Happy feet!

Today was hoof day, the whole herd was trimmed.  I don’t have anything particularly exciting to report, just a couple of notes on each horse.

Mystic – I’m so proud of my girl!  She was very well-behaved today, leaps and bounds from last time.  Her hooves are looking good and coming along well.

Apollo – Mr. A. was quite good today, still a bit stiff on the hind legs as always.  My farrier is very happy with his weight so far this year and was excited for our adventure this summer with Nettie Barr.

Henry – Henry’s front hooves were overgrown more than she would like and they had some heat.  He seems to be wearing his hind hooves quite well on his own, which is a good sign apparently!  He will be put on a shorter schedule for next time.

In a few other side notes:

I’ve been looking into some joint supplements for Apollo.  Turns out glucosamine, yucca and a few others can negatively affect his IR status (it has been suspected by my farrier that he is slightly IR).  I did read that Devil’s claw is a good alternate so that might be the ticket. 

Henry will be returning to the other barn soon, very excited!

My three horseshoe frame (with a frame for each of the ponies!) arrived today, it looks so awesome.  Can’t wait to get it hung up. J

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