Monday, 31 March 2014

Nutrition Plan

After a lot of humming and hawing I've decided to get the herd started on a proper nutrition program.  Apollo and Mystic both look great and are a little heavier than I would like.  But that aside, Apollo needs a bit of joint assistance and Mystic is still a growing horse who needs essential minerals and nutrition.  Henry needs to put on a little bit of weight and improve his general body condition. 

I've decided that I can commit to feeding every morning before work.  Otherwise when I work at night I wouldn't be able to make it on time.  As much as I hate early mornings....that's the only time I have consistently available.  I will be starting in April - which is tomorrow!

These are some of the products I purchased:

 (this is Safechoice by Nutrena):

There are also three new jazzy feed tubs in there!  I already have beet pulp, vegetable oil and mineral from my farrier. So this is what I have in mind for each pony:

Two cups of beet pulp
1.5 scoop of bio equine
0.5 scoop of devil's claw
1/4 cup of mineral

Two cups of beet pulp
1 cup of safechoice
1 scoop of bioequine
1/4 cup of mineral

3 cups of safechoice
1 cup of beet pulp
75 ml of vegetable oil
1 scoop of bioequine
1/4 cup of mineral
I'm a little bit tentative about the devil's claw.  I worry a bit that Apollo is slightly IR, so I wanted to find something that wouldn't interfere with that.  But I have heard that devil's claw can cause ulcers as well, so I will keep his dosing low.  I will be gradually increasing the amounts of the supplements/feed over the next two weeks.  I will take some before and after photos as well (perhaps some weight/height tape measurements as well!). 

I'm hoping the weather will turn around soon.  I'm excited to spend more time with my herd without freezing my butt off!

I'm hoping to attend this in the fall:

And I will wrap up with a quote that I love:

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