Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Summer Move Conundrum/Henry Photos

Henry is all settled in back at the barn.  He didn't trailer as nicely as last time but we were on a slippery patch in a blizzard.  Todd came out with me on the weekend and took a few snaps of Henry and I.  

How cute is this horse!!!!:

Now I’m trying to figure out what to do this summer with my big man, Apollo!  We have a lot of activities planned in May/June.  In May he has a starring role in my wedding photos and leaves for the Wild Deuce groundwork clinic the day after my wedding (with me in tow!).  In early June we have our big trip up North to Beaverlodge to meet Nettie Barr and spend a few days sponging information from her groundwork clinic.

Here is my conundrum.  I’m quite happy with Apollo’s current home.  But it is a bit lonely as there aren’t many boarders.  It’s close to my house, well-maintained and the horses are treated extremely well.  It’s pretty much horse paradise.  My friend, J, suggested I move out to her barn so we can trail ride together.  I would LOVE that.  I don’t really know where to go on the trails near my barn and don’t feel super safe going out solo.  But her barn is quite a bit farther than mine, although board is cheaper.  I am not interested in wintering him out there (they feed roundbales and he’s too much of an easy keeper for that!).  Maybe I could bring him there for what’s left of June and then haul out on weekends where the weather would be nice to ride to Janice (and he could sleep over).  It would be good exposure for him to get out and ride elsewhere.  I don’t really want to stress him out or overwhelm him.  It would be great fun to get out and hit the trails together!
Hmmmmm…have to think on this one a bit.

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