Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Horse Wedding Photo Inspiration! 16 days to go!

I can't believe the big day is going to be here to quickly! May 16th is just around the corner :)

I still have a lot to do.  But mostly I can't stop thinking about all the fun horsey photos my fiance and I will have with the herd (much to my mother's chagrin!).

Here are a few photo inspiration ideas I like:

 (I'm going to do this exact shot but have "Just" and "Married" signs on the horse's bums!)

I'm still hoping to purchase an "off the rack" wedding dress so I can sit on Apollo for some photos, right now I don't think my current dress me will along me to swing my leg over!

I can't decide if I want the horses to wear plain leather halters (as shown in most of the photos) or if I want to buy cheap halters and hot glue some fake flowers onto them.  I can't make up my mind if that's tacky or not. 

I also thought of doing something with Mystic super long mane, like this:

And maybe something like this for the tails:

Henry is for sure wearing a flower wreath.... he actually looks like the first horse!:

I'm a little afraid to go too overboard and end up with this:

 Here's my horse to-do list before the wedding:
- Trim Apollo's mane
- Trim Apollo's feathers
- Trim Apollo's beard
- Bathe all horses
- Trim Mystic's beard
- Practice braiding and wearing wreaths etc

Any special grooming tips from anyone?  I haven't shown in ages and don't know what products are out there for extra spiffy occasions!


  1. I'd go with just plain leather halters. You don't want to go overboard with flowers in manes/tails AND flowers on halters...otherwise you might end up like the last pic! :)

  2. Oh I wish my horse (s) were in my pictures!! They are in our family pictures every year though so thats fun :)

    I am a big fan of Vetrolyn and all their products :) Good grooming and curing can do wonders as well :)