Saturday, 19 April 2014

Massage Day & Baby Grooming!

It has been such a wonderful weekend so far!  I actually had some time off, woohoo!

Horsey Massage Day (Friday):
Apollo was worked on today by my wonderful friend.  She didn’t find any glaring issues but he did have some tightness in the muscles near his poll.  She gave me a few stretches to do to help him out.

Here’s a photo of the area he’s currently tight in.

My friend also had a look at Henry.  She gave me a huge compliment when she stated he had good conformation, but just needed to grow into himself more.  She wasn’t able to work on Henry due to a bit of time crunch but she got a good baseline for how he is currently.

I hope to have her check in with Apollo once a month, and the babies whenever she has time. 

Spiffy Grooming Day for the Babies (Saturday):

My wonderful fiancé came out with me on Saturday to help groom Mystic and Henry.  It’s so much easier with two people.   Both of them impressed me with their improving ground manners today.  I did a quick measure again and Mystic is holding steading at 15.2hh and Henry is at 15hh.  

Todd was such a great help, and the horses really enjoy having him out there.  He is pretty liberal when dispensing carrots and pets – and they love that!  It was such nice weather to be outdoors with the ponies today.

Here’s the closest thing to a decent photo of me with them.

Other notes:
I am feeling very lumpy and out of shape.  I weighed myself today and I’m sitting at 145.  I prefer to be in the 137 and under range so I will be working on that.   I think I’m going to sign up for a 5km in the next month or so.

I hope to get a ride in on Mr. Apollo tomorrow.  I’m going to try to set up a separate page to track my rides so it’s separate from my regular blog….just haven’t figured that out yet!

That's all for now :)

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  1. Lucky horses!

    P.S. You look great...let yourself feel great! :)