Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mystic's Updated Measurements

I haven't measured my girl for a while, but I brought her in last night for a brush and these are the results:

Height 15.2hh (holy crap!)
Weight: 1050lbs (holy crap! x2)

I can't believe she is that big now.  She still seems like a little baby to me (probably because Apollo is a giant!).  I also practiced a running braid on her mane, it looked awesome.  Until she shook it out the moment she was outside!  It's been about 7 years since I attempted a running braid, so I'm not shocked it wasn't my finest work.

Here are some photos from last week of Mystic wearing her second place ribbon.

Her coat is so dark and patchy!  She was getting so light and had some roaning last summer, I'm curious what color she will turn out to be.

I'm excited to get out there and get brushing - those winter coats are finally shedding out!

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