Monday, 21 April 2014

Road Map

After a bit of googling I found this great site that gave me some ideas on how to map out my future horsey plans.   Before you continue reading understand that I have really been struggling with my confidence so this goal is really BIG to me. :)
I think a key element of my success will be doing as much with Apollo as I can for the next few years.  The more experiences he and I have, the more skills I can bring when I start Mystic and Henry.  I find myself getting really wrapped up in the young horses....I spend more time than I should brainstorming/daydreaming goals for both of them.  In reality, I have a super quiet and willing partner who is not being used to his full potential.  He also starts to have soundness issues when he is heavier so keeping him in shape is very important to keeping him comfortable. 

Here are my short-term goals for Apollo:
-         Ride outside by mid-late June 2014
-         Have fun at scheduled clinics
-         Increase horse and rider fitness and condition 

    Here's my personalized version of the worksheet from the above website:

Success Measure 
Days 1-10
Walk/Trot Transitions in enclosed area without other horses & without distractions
Horse responds to cues and both horse and rider are calm by end of session.
Days 11-14
Walk/Trot Transitions, alone, in enclosed area with distractions ie. people walking outside arena carrying unusual objects, or unusual objects in arena - be creative
Horse responds to cues and both horse and rider are calm by end of session.
Days 15-20
Lunge outside on the grass near the arena before/after riding indoors
Horse responds to cues and both horse and rider remain calm
Days 21-20
Ride on the grass outside the arena at a walk
Horse responds to cues and both horse and rider remain calm
Days 19-22
Ride outside at a walk and trot
Horse responds to cues. Both horse and rider remain calm as additional distance is added.
Days 23-25
Mix up days of riding inside and outside, increasing length of ride each time.
Horse is ridden to stop sign using walk/trot transitions, responding well to cues and remaining calm.
Days 26-unlimited
Try to plan a ride with another horse around the neighbours fields (find out which ones I’m allowed in!)
After a few rides with a companion horse, try out just going with Todd walking or leading young horse.
Riding out in the fields – goal completed! 

I’ve been kind of a baby about riding outside at my current facility.  I don’t really have anyone to ride with and I’m not sure what areas I’m OK to ride in.  So I will have to get some answers to these questions before I reach the end goal.  

I’m going to leave my long-term goals with Apollo open for now.  I think I would be over the moon to feel confident out in the big neighboring fields. 

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