Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I’ve been working at a dressage barn on and off for about 4 years.  Working there has really opened my eyes to how much hard work is required to move up the levels and be competitive.  I have huge respect for these women who get out of bed at 7am on the weekends to ride and devote most weeknights to riding/lessons as well.  A vast majority have only one horse who they devote so much time and energy to.

I find myself to be in such a sharp contrast to these women - I get up at 7am too, but that’s because I work at the barn at 8am!  Otherwise I would still be in bed!  I’m not sure if I have it in me to be as dedicated as some of the women that ride at the dressage barn.  I love my horses beyond words, but I don’t really have any set in stone goals at the moment.  That said; I do sometimes daydream about competing and winning ribbons.   Here I am with 3 horses and only loose ideas of what I want to do with them.  

I’m willing to work 60+ hours a week to pay for my horses but imagine what I could do with a 40 hour week and 20 extra hours of horse time!  I’m at a point where I need to look at making some changes in my schedule and attitude if I want to progress with the horses.   When I think about it I’m putting a lot of my energy into the wrong places. 

If I’m honest with myself, I think another contributing factor to my lack of goals is my recent dwindling confidence.  Confidence is such a funny fragile thing.  I feel like I am afraid to set any big scary goals because I won’t be able to achieve them.  I think for the short term, my “work” will be building up my confidence.  I hope to make some more clear goals for my herd by the end of April.  Then let the hard work begin!  

I will be re-reading “That Winning Feeling!” by Jane Savoie and “Centered Riding” by Sally Swift (aka the Bible) over the next few weeks and will likely have some notes on that coming up soon.   As well as I hope to develop more of a “road map” for my herd.


  1. 7am. That's late for me. I think what helps keep us on track is to have specific goals in mind. Then we can get the momentum going. Good luck.

    1. Teach me your ways! I am really not a morning person...but I might have to learn. Thanks for your comment :)