Thursday, 22 May 2014

Trailering Woes

I have been doing laundry like a mad woman trying to prep for the honeymoon (St. Lucia for 7 days, woop woop!). 

I delivered my dogs to my parents house tonight and wanted to check-in with my dad about our trip up to the clinic at the beginning of June.  He completely forgot!  Before I paid my deposit for the clinic or rented the trailer I checked with my dad if he was up for it.  He said he would book the time off work and visit some friends in the area. He isn't very keen to share his truck so if I want to go somewhere, he has to drive.  Now he is working and I'm without any wheels for my rented trailer.

I am so frustrated.  I bought my trailer two years ago and had to sell it due to some tough financial times.  My fiance bought a truck around the same time that turned out to be a complete lemon.  So for about a year I had a truck and trailer but never got to haul anywhere (because I couldn't afford to go anywhere and the truck wasn't safe anyhow).  It was the smart thing to do to sell both.  But it's so hard to rely on a trailer rental and truck borrow. 

I am having a bit of a pout about it.  Now I will pretty much have to pay someone to haul me if I want to go.  That will cost an extra 1000 bucks.......

Bye bye money.

I also could go without Apollo and borrow a horse from the facility where the clinic is held.  Which would be fine but I'd love to bring my own pony.  Oh well! 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wedding Report! With Photos!

The herd and I survived the wedding!  It was truly one of the best days of my life so far.  I’m pretty lucky to have a husband who doesn’t mind getting horse slobber on his new suit.  

Apollo sunburnt on the Sunday before the wedding (which I swear – never happens in May....July yes, May no).  I refused to pick the scabs off simply for photos.  I was given some cream from the vet but putting cream on his face was a huge dirty magnet.  The photographer has promised that she can edit out the dirt etc for the final copies.  Apollo is still in his smaller pen under a UV fly mask, and I’m happy to report that his sunburn is about 95% healed up.

Henry’s winter coat is still hanging on for dear life so he wasn’t in a ton of photos either.  But I was so proud of how brave he was wearing the wreath; we did a lot of practice with that!  Mystic was the equine star of most of the wedding pics as she wasn’t burnt or shaggy!  :)

I was supposed to be in a clinic last weekend with Apollo.  It was sadly cancelled due to the instructor being bucked off a colt and sustaining a severe concussion and fracturing two ribs.  I am disappointed we weren’t able to attend.  It was really nice to have a weekend to relax though!  

Without further ado....pictures!!!

We're hitched!

Story of T's life...

Me and my girls!

My handsome groom with his bride!

Mystic and I

The next two photos are my favorites, the photographer will be photoshopping Apollo's eye goop out for me and then I plan to frame them!


 More photos to come!  These are just the samples from the photographer's blog that she shared with me.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vet Day

Well I'm exhausted!  Vet day is so much more work for three horses instead of one!  The herd got a quick check up and their yearly vaccines.

I am pleased to report that for the first time in 7 years Apollo doesn't need any dental work (my bank account is doing a happy dance!).  He had no dental care for the first 8 years of his life and his teeth were kind of a mess when I bought him.  The vet gave me some special cream to help his sunburn, hopefully it will be healed up in no time.  I have to apply it twice a day so Apollo will be staying a smaller separate pen to make my life a bit easier! 

Wedding in 3 days!  I have been a little bit stressed and my brain has kind of turned to mush.  In other news I was googling ideas for my wedding day nails...and I found something called EQUESTRIAN NAIL ART....Ahhh!  So cute.  I think I'm going to get a horseshoe on my ring finger :)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wedding Prep/Summer Plans

I finally have a week off!  I spent a lot of time with Henry this weekend, and he practiced wearing his wreath (he didn't care... just wanted to eat!).

Looking so cute!:

I am trying to map out the rest of my summer.... here is my tentative list:

-Empower the Owner Course (saddle fitting, lameness evaluation, massages/stretches) June 28
-Volunteering Horse Trials June 29 and/or June 30
-Mountain clinic July 4-6
-Equine First Aid August 2 
-Success with Horses Groundwork Clinic (with Mystic) August 28-September 1
-Barefoot Hoof Trimming Clinic (basics for owners) September 11-13

  -*drumroll* competing at the Horse Trials August 18/19 

That last one was a bit random.  I was reading about the different levels and felt that with a bit of hard work and dedication Apollo and I can try for starter level in a few months with no issues.  So we will see :)

The vet is coming on Tuesday to do vaccines for the herd and check Apollo's teeth (which I'm hoping are good for another year but I suspect they are due).

Wedding in 5 days! Eek!