Thursday, 22 May 2014

Trailering Woes

I have been doing laundry like a mad woman trying to prep for the honeymoon (St. Lucia for 7 days, woop woop!). 

I delivered my dogs to my parents house tonight and wanted to check-in with my dad about our trip up to the clinic at the beginning of June.  He completely forgot!  Before I paid my deposit for the clinic or rented the trailer I checked with my dad if he was up for it.  He said he would book the time off work and visit some friends in the area. He isn't very keen to share his truck so if I want to go somewhere, he has to drive.  Now he is working and I'm without any wheels for my rented trailer.

I am so frustrated.  I bought my trailer two years ago and had to sell it due to some tough financial times.  My fiance bought a truck around the same time that turned out to be a complete lemon.  So for about a year I had a truck and trailer but never got to haul anywhere (because I couldn't afford to go anywhere and the truck wasn't safe anyhow).  It was the smart thing to do to sell both.  But it's so hard to rely on a trailer rental and truck borrow. 

I am having a bit of a pout about it.  Now I will pretty much have to pay someone to haul me if I want to go.  That will cost an extra 1000 bucks.......

Bye bye money.

I also could go without Apollo and borrow a horse from the facility where the clinic is held.  Which would be fine but I'd love to bring my own pony.  Oh well!