Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wedding Prep/Summer Plans

I finally have a week off!  I spent a lot of time with Henry this weekend, and he practiced wearing his wreath (he didn't care... just wanted to eat!).

Looking so cute!:

I am trying to map out the rest of my summer.... here is my tentative list:

-Empower the Owner Course (saddle fitting, lameness evaluation, massages/stretches) June 28
-Volunteering Horse Trials June 29 and/or June 30
-Mountain clinic July 4-6
-Equine First Aid August 2 
-Success with Horses Groundwork Clinic (with Mystic) August 28-September 1
-Barefoot Hoof Trimming Clinic (basics for owners) September 11-13

  -*drumroll* competing at the Horse Trials August 18/19 

That last one was a bit random.  I was reading about the different levels and felt that with a bit of hard work and dedication Apollo and I can try for starter level in a few months with no issues.  So we will see :)

The vet is coming on Tuesday to do vaccines for the herd and check Apollo's teeth (which I'm hoping are good for another year but I suspect they are due).

Wedding in 5 days! Eek!