Sunday, 29 June 2014

An Ode to My Barn Dog

I met Molly on a cold March morning in 2011.  I was a foster home for a local dog recue group.  She was a stray on nearby reserve and had been found in a dumpster.  She was immediately brought into the vet for a spay and I was tasked with picking her up and bringing her to my house for a little TLC until her perfect family came along.   The only information I got was that she was some sort of border collie/heeler/pitbull-type mix.  
When I first laid eyes on her it broke my heart.  I was appalled that the rescue group had done a spay surgery on a dog that thin.  She was less than 30lbs and was the most emaciated dog I have ever seen.  She was clearly terrified of people.   I don't have any pictures from this period of time as I lost my cell at the time.

When I spoke my first words to her “Hi pretty girl” I saw her tail flicker.  I was worried about how I’d get her into my SUV.  I didn’t want to hurt her by picking her up but she seemed so nervous I was sure that she wouldn't jump in.  I had her on a leash and I started folding down the rear seats.  I was speaking softly to her and trying to sell her on the fact that I was going to pick her up soon and set her down on some comfy blankets.  I was fluffing/organizing a little bed for her when all of a sudden she came flying into my car.  She sat down and looked at me....another little tentative wag.  And I told her what a good girl was. 

Pretty much from then on we’ve been inseparable.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband) was a bit suspicious that I bought her a coat (it was a very cold March and she had 0% body fat) and nice new dog bed to lie on.   I typically didn’t spend my own money on foster dogs as funds were tight for me at that time.  I also had promised him that he could pick our next dog, as my current dog (Toby) was/is a holy terror.  She eventually reached a healthy weight of about 60lbs and her coat shone.   And she always tried her best to be a good dog.

 Hanging with Toby
 Snoozin' in some hay while I worked on re-arranging the hay piles

She clearly had never been inside a house before.  We had a hilarious incident where she walked into the kitchen and very slowly grabbed a block of cheese off the counter on her second night.  After she learned stay, Todd put her into a stay on the mat near our sliding door while he brushed his teeth.  He was trying to get a lot of things done and ended up going to grab a few things from the grocery store (forgetting about her!) and when he came home about 30 minutes later she was still waiting there....a bit impatiently!  What a good girl :)
"Hi mom."

"Whatcha doing...?"
"I'm pretty cute, you know."
"I think you better pet me now."

She was my 7th foster dog and when I got the e-mail that someone had applied to adopt her I called my boyfriend in tears.  He said that he knew from day one that we were keeping her, and she was already part of our family (one of the many reasons this man is now my husband!).  I e-mailed the rescue group back and apologized profusely but said that Molly already had a home with us.
She had been a fur shoulder to cry on during some very hard times.  I cannot imagine life without her.  I actually refer to her as my “dog soulmate”.  She has the kindest sweetest dog I have ever known.  And she is pretty much a perfect barn dog, which is a bonus.   I plan to honor her with a pawprint tattoo like this:

Anyway, that’s my weird sentimental drivel about my pup.  I feel so lucky that I am her person. :)


  1. Both you and Molly are lucky to have each other, Kate. You gave her a home and treat her like she’s family, and that's what really matters. I’m sure she feels how much you love her. Anyway, she looks adorable, especially now that she's so much more healthy. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Randal Barber @ Poggis Animal House