Monday, 2 June 2014

Dollars and Sense

I saw this on facebook today and it made me laugh.  And cry a bit.  As a woman who has added two horses into her herd in the last year and a half…I clearly don’t have a lot of dollars OR sense!

I'm back from a lovely relaxing honeymoon.  We found a great last minute deal and the cost was less than we planned (bonus!).  Laying on a beach for hours a day (instead of running around like a crazy person) gave me a lot of time to think.  I have all kinds of dreams and goals for the future, possibly too many!  If you boil it down there are only two things that I really care about:

1)      Happy and healthy human and animal family (including me!)
2)      I want to live on an acreage

It’s really that simple.  Of course there are lots of trips I’d like to take and clinics I’d like to participate in but in my heart I don’t really care that much.  I am the first to admit that I have spent a lot of time and money on things that weren’t necessary or useful.  For one example, I bought a saddle for Mystic who I’m not really planning on riding anytime soon.  Who knows if the saddle will fit her when the time is right.  But I decided I wanted it.  And apparently I am a child.

I’m happy I was able to boil my life goals down to two simple statements.  I just have one area where I’m a bit stuck (and very open to suggestions!):

Should I move my horses to a cheaper barn?

Pros on my current barn
-          Indoor arena
-          Nice facility
-          Nice people that board there and the owners are very nice
-          Very close to my house
-          I can bring my obnoxious dogs
-          Horses seem happy there

Cons on my current barn
-          It’s $800 a month and I suspect that this will go up once I am riding the young horses (can I really call this a con?  Boarding 3 horses will never really be a  low cost venture but it certainly could be cheaper)
-          I’m alone a lot; I could put this into the pro and con category almost.  I like to be alone most of the time.  But I worry about getting hurt and not being found for a long time.
I don’t have any property to compare it to but I suspect I could find something halfway decent and board all the horses in the $450 range.  Maybe less.  It would be very basic and likely fairly far away.   

Am I being pigheaded/ridiculous in the fact that I am not willing to sell any of the horses?  I tried briefly to see if there was some interest in Henry.  But in the end I couldn’t do it.

Well I need to figure out some June goals for myself and catch up on my blog reading! :)


  1. It's tough to give up all the perks just to save some money. I always try to find the best I can afford... all the extra stuff makes it worth it.

    1. I really love my barn, even writing down things in the "pro" category I just kept thinking - oh man. I am never leaving. But saving 400 or so bucks a month would put me a lot closer to my acreage goal so... I guess that's going to be a while!

  2. Welcome back!! :)

    I saw that picture too- so true!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Yep the horse in the picture's nose looks a lot like my girl Mystic

  3. That picture really is just too true!