Monday, 16 June 2014

Friday the 13th - Farrier Day from Hell

Well Friday was “foot day”.  And simply put - it was not good.  My horses weren’t on their best behaviour and I will be working on that for future appointments.  There was a few new horses added to the herd recently and the whole herd was galloping around outside, that didn’t help either!

I usually have my husband or my dad out to help with farrier day but last Friday I was on my own.  Rather than bring all the horses in separately (what I usually do) I decided to bring them all in together. Oops.  The young horses were very fidgety and were feeding off eachothers energy.   It was what I like to call a clusterf*ck.   

To top it off - my farrier wasn't in a great mood.  She was late and was in a time crunch to get to her appointment after me.  She was stressed and I was stressed and I’m sure the horses were feeding off that too. They were not very well-behaved, to say the least.  I expect my horses to stand and don’t mind her disciplining them if they are being silly but I felt it was a bit over the top today.

I really don’t want to be a farrier/trimmer.  But I just never seem to find anyone who can manage the following:
1) Be on time.
2) Return calls promptly.
3) Be patient, fair, and firm with the horses.
4) Keep horses barefoot and sound. 
5) Have availability in the evenings and weekends for us 8-4 shift workers!

Is that SO hard?!  I might have to take matters into my own hands and figure out how to trim my own horses.  I want to take the time to do their farrier work properly and without stress for them or me.

On Saturday I had a nice ride on Apollo and all the horses came in and stood politely to be groomed.  The Friday the 13th debacle was far from my mind and I wasn’t feeling like the worst horse owner on the planet anymore. So that was nice. Oh and on Saturday...Henry was a little bit tender after his trim walking on the gravel driveway.  Poor guy. :( 

Here is a cute pic of Henry...just because:

Edited to add:  I found a barefoot trimmer course that starts in September, the timing would be perfect as the horses will be just over 7 weeks at that time so I could potentially do their next time myself.  More info to follow!


  1. #1 and #2 seem to be the hardest things to find.

    1. I know right?! How hard can it be, I would even take a text over *crickets*. Especially when I have a question or an issue.

  2. LOL! Texting Crickets!

    I love my farrier but I hate managing something that I am paying a SERVICE for!

    1. Hahah yep! I always get the feeling farriers think they are doing me some sort of favor.... Which is absurd. I'm paying them and (with the exception of last time, ha!) my horses are very easy to work with.