Monday, 9 June 2014

Herd Photo Update

After a grueling 9 hour drive yesterday, I'm finally home!  I saw my herd on June 4th and was able to take a few photos.  I decided to put Apollo back into the herd while I was away - he is miserable in his smaller pen, hopefully he continues to be cooperative about having sunscreen put on (the reason he was in "jail" in the first place). 

I quit one of my part-time jobs today.  It honestly took me  about a month to finally submit my resignation.  The job just wasn't for me and was causing more stress than it was worth.  It's hard for me to leave jobs though, especially when I've had some tough times that are still in my rear view mirror.  I feel pretty happy about it though now that it's finally done.  Now I have a day off to catch up on my blog reading and be lazy! :)

Anyway, here are the pics!

Henry is finally putting on weight (I'd still like just a bit more)!:

Princess Mystic:

 Can I come out of jail now mom?

The whole herd standing together:

I will be posting a clinic review shortly, I'm still kind of collecting my thoughts. :)