Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Survival Mode

*Disclaimer: not really a horsey post*

I'm having one of those weeks where I find myself saying.... "I just need to survive this week." more than anything else. 

I'm finishing up at my part-time job I quit, fighting some kind of cold/flu that is draining all my energy, my regular job is insanely busy, I'm organizing gifts/cake and a little get-together for my husband birthday, and sadly yesterday I had to stand up to someone who said/did some very hurtful things around the time my husband and  I got married.  Being a grown up is so annoying. 

The last point (standing up to an a*hole) has been the hardest and most difficult.  I really really hate confrontation but at some point you can't let people treat you like crap.  The offender in question has told people that my husband and I are "stuck up yuppies", which is ridiculous.  We are too poor to be yuppies and have never been anything but nice to this guy.  He was asked to be a groomsman and declined because he wasn't willing to take the time off work.  And then was a no-show to the wedding, along with his brother and girlfriend.  Which was not only a waste of money but kind of put a damper on our day.  He sent a cowardly text with a weak excuse.  He's been a close friend to my husband and I've known him for over six years.  It was disappointing to have to call him out on his behavior to get a proper apology.

I am really missing my horses and if I don't get out to see them tonight I think I will lose my mind!

On a happy note...I got paid today and plan to hit the local tack store at some point this week :)


  1. I've had a lot of those weeks lately. The tack shop should fix you right up. ;)

  2. Tack shopping will help :) I had a long time friend flake out in a big way a couple of years ago. Good for you for saying what you needed to - I'm not as brave and just sort of stopped making an effort, which resolved exactly nothing :)