Sunday, 29 June 2014

Survived the Week!

I survived the week!  I'm finally done one of my part-time jobs and a lot of good came from me standing up to the individual I mentioned in my previous post.  I am so happy to have simplified my life a bit. 

I took a few quick herd photos on Thursday.  They are all looking so good!  I chopped Mystic's mane off early last week (when it was all wet from the rain) and I can see now that I did a horrible job and need to fix it!

Beautiful sunset on the way out

My herd was pretty much hanging together (Henry was behind Mystic on the left)

 Snack time!  (I didn't put hay out for them as they're on grass right now but for some reason there were two flakes thrown in)

Mystic and Henry snacking on some hay!

Mr. H!

Who is the worst barn dog ever - Toby!

Molly girl

This week I hope to get at least 3 rides in and fix Mystic's mane (and get rolling on her exercise program...!).  I am sorting through my wedding photos and hope to share a few more this week also.

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