Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Goal Recap & July Goals

June Goal Recap:

1)  Try some groundwork techniques from the clinic with the ponies.
I certainly wasn’t able to do as much as I’d like but I did do a little bit.

2)  Get 15 rides in on Apollo (considering I have zero so far, that is a feat!) and update the new ride log I have created.
Sadly no, I would say it was a lot closer to 5.  Which makes me sad!  I’ve decided to scrap on the ride log on my blog and will be keeping notes on my phone to be posted at month’s end.

3)  Start running again.
I did!  I bumped my first 5km race to August 6th because I’m not quite ready yet.  Working out with the personal trainer has really helped my back so I hope to meet up with her once a month just to get some new exercises and get feedback on my form.

July Goals
1)       Complete the Interdressage Practical Horsemanship Test with all 3 horses (I’m so happy it’s back out!)
2)       Work on farrier manners for July 29th appointment.  Note on this:  I mentioned previously that I was considering learning to trim myself and had found a course.  This is still on my radar but is not in my budget at the moment.
3)       Complete the Interdressage Walk/Trot Test with Apollo
4)       Submit/pay for Henry’s warmblood paperwork
5)       Ride 20 times.  This is my huge goal that I think July is the perfect month for.  I will keep a little ride log on my phone and submit my notes at the end of July.

6)       Run 5km race (on August 5...slightly out of July but still sort a July goal).
7)       Ride outside
8)       Book massages for the whole herd
9)       Learn to braid 

Lots to do this month!  I've decided to do the show in August....eek! :)



  1. Awesome goals! LOVE the interdressage idea - I may steal it this winter!

  2. It's fun! And less stressful than a "real" show. :)