Thursday, 3 July 2014

Notes from the Horse Auction

Well....I didn't buy a horse!  That's a win in itself.

Certainly my experience this time was much better than my previous visit.  There weren't a ton of horses at this sale and there were a lot of attendees.  The prices were pretty decent I thought.  Some horses went for meat price (or south of it) but most horses seemed to go to individuals/families.  A few horses were a bit thin and/or had poor hooves but most seemed in good health. 

The good: 
- A mom and her kids bought a thin gray weanling...I was worried about that one. 
- Prices seemed cheap but fair.
- Most horses seemed in good health.

The bad:
-It broke my heart a little when two of the heavy horse teams were split up (they seemed so attached to eachother and glided around the sale ring together) and when some of the yearlings went for under 100 I was a bit sad.

The ugly:
-There was one seller who was clearly some kind of horse rustler/hustler.  He brought his "neighbours horses" to the sale and I didn't buy that for one second.

My friend, C, didn't buy a horse either.  I think she just wanted to get a sense for what a horse auction was like.  I am so glad I didn't get a bid card.  There was a little morgan stud colt who went for $150 who had a very Henry-ish vibe.... but I didn't go there. 

We might try again at next month's sale.  I actually kind of wish I had a bid card for one part.... they sold these awesome purple saddle stands just before the horses for about $10.

Here's a few pics from the sale ring of some of the nicer ponies:

I felt a little weird taking photos but I noticed others doing it as well.  I thought about Henry a lot at this sale.  He went through an auction and on to a feedlot (he was sold in Ontario in the winter).  I'm happy he ended up with me! :)

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