Friday, 11 July 2014

RtR Blog Hop: The Support Group

I’m excited to participate in my first ever blog hop! Thanks RtR :)

What person/people are you most grateful to for helping your riding career and why? 

I have been very lucky over the years to have quite a bit of support from friends and family. But the person who has been my biggest fan and supporter has always been my mom.  

My mom didn’t grow up with horses.  I’m not even sure that she’d ever ridden before we got our first family horse, Deputy.  But she dove in and learned right along with me.  She wasn’t a passive observer of my horse obsession.  She was right in there holding horses, helping me tack up and brush, and scooping poop.

She learned how to haul a trailer and dutifully hauled me to Pony Club lessons and events.  We bonded especially over the care of Blue.  He was a hard keeper with a bit of a crabby personality and various quirks.  We opted not to clip him in the winter because he just couldn’t keep decent weight on.  So when I had a lesson we would blow-dry him afterwards.  Yep.  With one hair dryer on each side of him.  We usually had a race to see who could get their side dry faster, who knew blow-drying a horse could be so much fun?! 

Of course my parents provided financial support (lessons, board, vet etc) until I finished high school – which I am forever grateful for. But my mom pushed me to be a better horseperson (actually probably just a better person in general).  I remember her reminding me to pick Blue’s hooves out after a ride.  We were riding in a bark chip arena so I figured I didn’t really need to.  After further “encouragement” I did, and I found a huge bark chip wedged under his shoe.  Now I religiously pick out hooves every time I see my horses.  She kept detailed records on Blue and made sure he was on time for farrier, deworming, vaccines etc.  She also has a gift for photography made sure to take lots of photos of me riding, which I treasure so much now.

I had a horse before Blue named Rusty, he was too much horse for me and I was very afraid of him.  But I loved him and refused to sell him.  My mom stepped in and found Blue, a much better fit for me.  She knew when she found that Blue that he would keep me safe.  She made the right decision when I wasn't strong enough to do it myself.  When the time came to put Blue down I think she was the only one who really understood how hard it was on me, because she loved him just as much as I did.  I’ve gotten some tears in my eyes writing this entry.  I feel truly blessed to have the mom I do.  

So here’s to my mom!  A woman who boldly went from a non-horseperson to a trailer haulin’, ridin’, poop scoopin’, horse blowdryin’ whiz! 


  1. Your mom sounds completely awesome! I love the blow drying part :) and think that she is spectacular for putting so much work into becoming a such a great "horse" mom. Thank you for participating! I really appreciate it.

    1. Oops, I just now saw the part about the link. Sorry about that.

    2. My mom is awesome! It's a great topic, I enjoyed writing this post a lot - thanks for coming up with this blog hop idea :)

  2. What a legend your mom is!

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    1. Thanks! I got it working now woop woop