Tuesday, 8 July 2014


After encouragement from my friends (online and in real life –thank you!)I have decided to go to the small schooling school on August with Apollo.  I haven’t been to a show in about a million years.   Okay actually about 10 years.  I competed in Pony Club provincials.  I placed well in the dressage portion but went off course on my jumping....not my finest moment. I sent my entry fees in, no turning back now!  Apollo and I are going to a show (on August 16th)! 

We are signed up to do showmanship and a dressage test (I took a big leap and signed up for training level when I probably should have done walk/trot...but we'll roll with it).

I've been working on a checklist of things to do beforehand.... So far this is what I've got:

The Pre-Show Checklist
1)      Organize transport (check – hitching a ride with my friend)
2)      Bathe Apollo
3)      Book a stall the night before
4)      Clean all tack
5)      Get zipper put into new boots
6)      Break in new boots (ugh)
7)      Fill out entry form and pay (done!)
8)      Book Apollo a massage afterwards
9)      Figure out attire for myself
10)   Find black dressage pad with silver piping... and make sure it’s clean
11)   Learn to/practice button braids
12)   Find slinky for Apollo’s neck to keep braids in
13)   Book time off work
14)   Ride interdressage test by June 22/2014 so I have notes from a judge to work on and can ride it in my show clothes/boots
15)   Make sure husband will be there to help/take photos
16)   Mom is going to read dressage test (practice, practice, practice!)
17)   Organize show supplies into tote
18)   Relax

I feel like that’s a pretty comprehensive list.  Did I miss anything?  I'm taking suggestions for #18.... Anyone have some great coping skills for show nerves?

Right now I'm here....

Here's hoping this is me on August 17.....


  1. Just go and do the best you can. It's only a show and it should serve to tell you where you and Appollo are in your training and what you need to work on. Don't put a lot of emphasis on winning but on having fun. The more you relax the more your horse will relax and pay attention. Good luck!

  2. I try not to watch anyone else warm up (except enough to make sure we aren't going to crash into each other). I also remember that my horses probably aren't going to be as good as they are at home and just kind of roll with how they are that day. Mostly, I just focus on the fact that I'm lucky to be able to show at all and am thankful just for the experience. It's kind of like a mini lesson where you get all cleaned up and a ribbon if you do well ;) To me, anyway.

    1. Yay for you showing BTW!

    2. Thanks for the great advice....I had such a tough time showing when I was younger. My brain leaves. I will keep your words in mind :)

  3. Just a random thought for #3. Do you mean book stalls for the night before OR actually call to reserve a stall the day before? What if they're sold out?
    Also for the relaxing....I have no good answer!

    1. Oh I'm only arrived the morning of, so after talking with the show secretary I am going to book a stall for the day.....so check! :) Yeah there won't be a lot of relaxing haha