Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Decisions to be Made & August Goals

I’m sitting on the fence about a couple of things right now.   If anyone would like to step in and make my life decisions for me...feel free. :)

1)      Should I stop working weekends at the barn?
Pros of Leaving: - Sleeping in on weekends
–More time for my own herd
Cons of Leaving: - The riders there are kind of my barn family (they threw me a bridal shower)
-I really like being a stablehand
–Less extra moolah

I have been debating on this ever since the wedding.  I’m pretty much ready to leave but after work there on and off for about 4 years...it’s tough.

2)      Should I move Apollo for the winter to the eventing barn I’ve been eyeing?
Pros of Moving: -I can actually get some riding instruction
–Meet new friends/people to ride with
– Board is actually cheaper than my current barn (but I will be taking lessons so it will technically be more expensive)          
Cons of Moving: - I love my barn
–All of my horses won’t be in the same place anymore (temporarily at least)
–The new barn is farther away (about 10 mins, but still)

I’ve been burned so many times by boarding situations and I’m finally happy at my current spot.  But I’d really like to improve myself as a rider and maybe meet some new horsey friends.  I’m leaning towards yes right now.  I’m going to take some lessons at my potential new barn on a lesson horse.  A good compromise might be if the instructor is willing to come over to my barn for lessons.  Once I have a trailer I can haul over to the other barn but that isn’t in the cards right now.

3)      Should I start my distance education in the fall?
Pros of starting in the fall:  - I can leave my miserable job sooner
–Fall is a nice start time
Cons of starting in the fall: -It’s expensive, and although I plan to do this eventually anyway...I could certainly save up more money first (less horse time/money)

I still have to do my job shadow to ensure that I’m choosing a career that I will like so this is kind of a moot point.

I hope to have answers to all the above-questions by the end of August.  

Here is a random pic of my rabbit, Lucky, to break up the wall of text.

I’ve been brainstorming my August goals and am keeping it kind of simple:

1)      Baths for young horses
2)      Interdressage with herd
3)      20 rides on Apollo
4)      Make final decisions and a plan on the above-mentioned questions!
5)      Take nice photos of the herd before they get their winter woollies on


  1. My answers:
    No - you'll need the money for my answers to #2 and #3 ha ha.
    Yes - after taking lessons/trial period to make sure its a good fit. I've never regretted spending on good instruction.
    Yes - Impulsive person I am, I quit the job I hated and went back to school all within the span of about 2 weeks. No regrets and it felt good to be headed in a good direction after too many years of procrastinating and trying to tough it out. Bonus - the sooner you finish, the sooner you have a job you like and get paid the big $
    Honestly though, they don't sound like easy choices, and of course you just need to do what will make you happy, Life's too short :)

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! :) I think that's pretty much what I'm going to do.

  2. Best of luck with the decisions. What are you going to learn by distance? If you don't mind my asking...
    Good goals! Hoping to set myself some this month ☺

    1. Yes my school will be distance. I'm a little bit worried about actually getting stuff done. I haven't had much success with distance education in the past but I'm much more motivated now as this will be the ticket out of my current job! :)

  3. @Happy Pony, I'm actually kinda doing the same thing you did, as far as going back to school and being headed in the right direction. Feels really good!

    I say, no to #1, yes to #2 and yes to #3! Idk if I'm much help, but here are my reasons why:
    -the extra money is never a bad thing
    -I'm a firm believer that lessons are the key to getting where you want to be as a rider
    -Life is too short to work at a job that you don't thoroughly enjoy, and I fully respect anyone that makes moves to change their situation

    Just my thoughts :)

    1. Thank you! Everything seems to make more sense when it's written down in pro/con lists :)

  4. That's a lot of questions, you probably actually already know the answers :)

  5. Could you go down to every other weekend at the barn job? Then you'd have more time for your herd but still have a little extra cash.

    Find out if the instructor can come to you. It's not far so mileage wouldn't be a lot. Find out first if you current barn will allow outside coaches, as I know some don't, or don't without the coach having insurance. Take some lessons and if you like where the lessons are taking you, move Apollo.

    Do you have the job shadow set up? If not, I think putting it off until January is reasonable to make sure you will enjoy it. Can you even start in the fall? It's less than a month away and even distance classes have size limits so the classes you want may be full already, making it a moot point right now for a different reason.

    Your rabbit is adorable! And I love that his name is Lucky!

    1. I actually talked to a girl about sharing weekends and I think that's my best bet. She said I can contact her if I ever want a weekend off.

      I'm waiting to hear from the instructor. After my crazy week last week I have only sent an e-mail but would like to follow up with a telephone call.

      I'm working on a job shadow this week, I have a few leads but nothing set in stone. I can start the program any time.

      Thanks, I love Mr. Lucky - he's a good bun :)