Saturday, 6 September 2014

Leaving Our Comfort Zone + Goals

Lately I've been trying to push Apollo and I outside of our comfort zone.

I used to be this wild and crazy horsenut who schooled her green-as-grass horse (Apollo) on canter transitions in a bareback pad with a halter and no helmet.  After I hurt my back in my car accident I became kind of a weenie.  But I'm working on it!  I will never be that girl again but maybe I'm like...her cousin, her more demure helmet-wearing cousin.

I mentioned previously that one of my goals has been riding outside.  Which I have been doing, sort of.  I have been hopping on Apollo while he snacks on grass and sort of directing him around the small grassy area outside of his pasture.  Today I decided we were going to ride next to to road, in proper tack and out of the view of his herdmates.

And he was a rockstar.  We mostly walked...baby steps for the weenie outdoor pilot. We encountered two low-flying planes and a helicopter (my barn is nearby a small local airport), motorcyles, cyclists, trucks pulling boats/RVs, and the barn cats popping out randomly.  None of that stuff concerned him in the least.  He did give a large and odd looking mushroom the hairy eye for a few seconds but that's about it.

It was such a nice ride and I was so proud of my big pony.

I was trying come up with September goals on Thursday night and brainstormed that I needed to hop over a jump or two before I move to the eventing barn.  Rather than overthink it I found some ground poles and some weird cavelleti standards and popped over it that night.  It was the tiniest jump I've ever seen but Apollo was quite game and although I could tell he was excited about jumping (after a good 5 years off haha) he was very well-behaved.  I'll do a bit more jumping now that I have a new non-rubbing girth (so I can ride in my saddle and not my bareback pad).

WEG, here we come.

Here's a quick review of my August Goals:
1)      Baths for young horses -  Check! Henry had a real bath in the wash rack and Mystic had a bucket bath.
2)      Interdressage with herd  - Nope, I blew on horse budget this month on blankets for Apollo when he was in the diet pen. 
3)      20 rides on Apollo - Nope, Apollo as NQR for about two weeks.  I would say we maybe got more like 7ish rides.
4)      Make final decisions and a plan on the questions!  - Check!  See below*
5)      Take nice photos of the herd before they get their winter woollies on - Check! Here they are!: http://www.peaceandcarrotshorse.blogspot.ca/2014/08/weekend-photo-explosion.html

* These were the questions I was debating in early August
Should I leave my weekend barn job?  I was thrown for a loop when the other girl wanted my hours and then she left.  So I will continue working there after all.  Which is fine with me :)
Should I move Apollo for the winter to the eventing barn I’ve been eyeing?  Yes!  We move on September 28 at 9am.  I have decided to take Mystic also but will leave Henry at the closer barn so I can feed him regularly, for the convenience factor. 
Should I start my distance education in the fall?  I am doing a job shadow next week but will not be starting any school work until January at the earliest.

September Goals:
1) Ride as much as possible

Yep, I'm keeping it simple.  I have my barefoot trimming course next week and I go to Vegas the following weekend.  I will be focusing on doing my best to ride as much as I can! :)  I'm going to watch some of my friends compete in a dressage show tomorrow, should be fun.

Now for some other random pictures from the last few weeks:

Handsome Henry

Mystic munchin' 

Molly rolling at the barn with a captive audience

My favorite kind of afternoon


  1. Great photos, and sounds like a nice ride too!

    1. Thanks, and yes the ride was awesome!

  2. Yay for decisions & achieving goals. Go you! ☺
    Love the photos, have a blast in Vegas and good luck with the barn move

    1. Thanks! I'm supposed to be my husband's navigator in a car road race so I'm not sure Vegas will be that much fun...I like to drive slowly so a race is the exact opposite of my idea of fun haha

  3. nice plan & goals. and yay for being able to jump w tack now! that jump may be tiny - but it's a great way to start off and figure out what you're working with :)

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to take things slow but keep them really positive (for both of us). :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope to ride lots so I don't embarass myself so much at the new barn haha

  5. Your goals all sound reasonable. Glad to hear you're wearing a helmet now too. Love all your pictures. The horses are lovely and so is Molly. (We had an Australian Sheperd named Molly for about 17 years, she was the best)

    Don't ever feel like your a weenie, you should only do things that you feel comfortable with. Small steps lead to big accomplishments in the future.

    1. Mollys are the best :)

      I'm hoping my baby steps turn into big accomplishments one day, thank you for your kind words :)

  6. "Hairy eyeball to odd looking mushroom" made me laugh. ;-) Congrats on conquering your fears! I also need to work on getting more comfortable on the trails riding outside. It's a goal of mine for fall.

    1. So random that the planes, helicopters, cyclists etc weren't scary but ....WHOA....A MUSHROOM. I'm hoping to expand my outside comfort zone out to the big field across the road once they are finished with the hay. We'll see!