Wednesday, 24 September 2014

SFTS Blog Hop: Why I Do What I Do

This is such a cool blog hop topic.  I’m going to try to do more blog hops; they’re so fun and get me thinking.:)

So, why do I do what I do?

Well, I don’t do much at the moment but in 4 days I am moving two of my horses to an eventing barn.  I’m not sure I officially “do” eventing yet but it’s the discipline I have decided to focus my energy on.  I haven’t done any cross-country work since Pony Club but I have recently rediscovered my love for riding in the great outdoors.  I think the variety that eventing provides helps create well-rounded horses and riders.  I’m looking forward to working on my dressage, x-country and showjumping skills.  I focused on dressage the last time I seriously took lessons and although I really did enjoy it, I need to have some other stuff to work on.  I seem to become a nit-picking perfectionist when I focus solely on dressage.

I have a facebook friend who competes in eventing (at quite a high level) and seeing her pictures really inspired me.  We took our first riding lesson together at age 7 and it’s been so cool to follow her on her eventing journey.  

My background is English lessons (at a jumping focused barn) from age 7-12 and then Pony Club from age 15-17.  After that it’s been kind of all over the place.  I never really had a set discipline and only ever did two pony club shows and a barn schooling show.  I’m interested in eventually dabbling in the following disciplines as well: hunters/jumpers, competitive trail and driving.     

Thanks for the great blog hop SFTS! :)


  1. I'm always jealous of people who got to do Pony Club, I really wanted to as a kid.

    1. It was overall a pretty positive experience, I think the most beneficial thing for me was doing pony club quiz for the knowledge component. My club didn't have access to indoor facility so we rode in a huge field and put orange cones over all the gopher and badger holes haha

  2. good luck with the new barn and getting started in eventing! we just started this spring too and it's been oodles of fun :)

  3. Best of luck at the new barn. Have fun!