Thursday, 8 January 2015

Colorboards and Shownames for the Youngsters

I got a little bit bored at work today!  So I made colorboards for the young horses.  I thought I would also share this general nerding out post their future shownames.


Show Name: Repertoire 
His registered name is French and is difficult to pronounce.  This is a bit catchy and easy to say.

Preferred Color SchemeBlue & Gold (or yellow)

Theme: Royalty.  
The blue/gold combo makes me think of royalty.  And I like patterns that are royalty-inspired also.


Show Name: Fiamma
It means "little fiery one" in Italian.  Which is fitting for her!  I wanted something a bit more unique for her.

Preferred Color Scheme: Purple & Silver (or gray)

Theme: Princess. 
I will try to restrain myself but she is first mare I've ever had so she will be wearing purples and pinks and be blinged out.  Within reason....hopefully.

I did these here, if anyone else is bored and wants an easy way to make one. :)


  1. Love the colour choices *swoon*

  2. ooh these are nice - fun idea too!! purple is definitely my mares color tho - but typically a little brighter, more 'royal' purple rather than the deeper hue on your board. i like it!!

  3. Ooh, I love the purple and grey!

    1. Thanks I think that's my favorite of the two :)

  4. Purple is apparently a popular color for mares, and that's what I love to see mine in!

  5. How fun! You have excellent taste :)