Thursday, 1 January 2015

Year in Review

I had a wonderful 2014!  This blog hop (thanks to Bit By Bit!) is a great way for me to look back over the last year and remember where I've been.  2014 was also my first year blogging!

In January I only had one post!  I discussed my plans for the summer.  Some of those plans worked out, some not so much. 

I challenged myself to ride every day.  I wasn't able to complete this but it was a good jumpstart on riding and blogging more frequently.

Mystic completed a practical horsemanship test (through interdressage).  She made me very proud and we won second place :)

Here's our test:

I finally got a full-time job!  Yay!  This was great news and a huge relief.  I got a horrible cold and didn't make a lot of horse progress this month (other than some new plans for nutrition).  Although Henry did get an adorable new horseshoe coat:

This was the month before my wedding...so things were a bit crazy!  I posted my wedding photo inspirations.  I found out that Henry is distantly related to my old horse, Blue here.  Mystic turned two on April 28!

I married the love of my life on May 16 - woohoo!  The month was an absolute whirlwind.  I also had a few glitches in my plan to attend a clinic with Apollo after I arrived back from my honeymoon.  Apollo turned 15 years old on May 1 and Henry turned 2 years old on May 28 (didn't blog about this because of wedding craziness).

I spent 7 days in St. Lucia on my honeymoon which was absolutely wonderful.  I went to a natural horsemanship clinic.  And I debated attending a local show.  I also started working on my fitness with a personal trainer.  I went to a horse auction with a friend towards the end of the month, which I would later regret.

I decided to do the show (but it was later cancelled).  The young horses wore the bareback pad a bit and were starting to look really grown up.  Mostly just enjoyed my horses and worked a lot this month.

In August I had a soapbox moment about horse slaughter.  I had my husband take some updated photos of me and the herd.  My dogs got out of our yard and it was very stressful.  Apollo also struggled with some NQR-ness and Henry had his first proper bath.

Mystic and Apollo moved to an eventing barn at the end of September, which was a pretty huge leap of faith.  I competed with my husband in the Silver State Classic.

In October I adjusted to life at a new barn and worked on twopointober.  My start time was  2minutes and 5 seconds (+40milliseconds) and I finished with 5 minutes and 1 second.  Apollo had soundness issues (again) and I coped with life not going according to plan

I also celebrated my 29th birthday!
NovemberApollo had a lameness exam and fetlock injections.  Apollo was clipped and we tried to work through post-injection life.  I participated in a Physiotherapy Riding Clinic at the dressage barn I work at.  I had my custom air saddle reflocked with wool....and complained about it. I did my first ever blog giveaway (congratulations again T!)

I started taking lessons (on a lesson horse) at the dressage barn I work at.  Apollo's soundness remained questionable and he spent the month on light duty (ending January 7th).  I also took a lesson at my current barn on a lesson horse also.  I reflected on horses other than my own.

I celebrated a wonderful Christmas and New Years with my family this month! :)

Now to share my 2015 plans.... :)



  1. You had a great year all in all. Happy New Year!

  2. Woop fab year, roll on 2015

  3. Thanks for participating! I responded to your question about how to add the link on my blog. Let me know if you need more info!

  4. congrats on a very eventful year!! bummer that the end included so much NQR-ness with Apollo, but good luck working through it all!