Saturday, 21 February 2015


I have been happily away from the blogosphere for the last week and a half (I even missed Monday Bunday....gasp!).  I have been working really hard on getting some running in and have pretty much spent every moment I’m not at work at my barn...and let me just say for the millionth time that I am REALLY happy to be back there.  

There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last week and half.  I have like 10 half written blogs posts about this but I’m just going to briefly summarize the updates instead!

Saddle Update

My western saddle arrived!  It seems to fit pretty well and he looks rather cute in it!  I had a few of the western riders at my barn have a look and they gave it a thumbs up for fit.  I’m going to have the bodyworker give it a once over at the follow-up appt on March 1st.  I still need to get a cinch/pad/head stall for it.

I bought the western saddle for occasion trail riding because I thought that was all Apollo would be able to do. But when I found out that I should be riding him a lot (as per here) I wanted an English saddle that fit him like a glove.  Preferably one that I already owned!  

After the disappointment with the last saddle fitter (who did a crappy job re-flocking my DK, so it hurt Apollo’s back) I decided to seek out someone different.  

There was one name that kept coming up whenever I asked for saddle fitter recommendations but I had never been able to get a response back from her (I will refer to her as DM).  So I basically annoyed the crap out of DM until she came to my barn.  And she was absolutely wonderful. 
I’ll just quickly summarize her notes on my two saddles:

DK Saddle – She could not believe this saddle was ever custom for Apollo and I (tell me something I don’t know!).  She said it would never fit him.  The billets are in the wrong place and she didn’t want to waste my money by trying to make it fit.  She works with DK and has the saddle press to adjust it but she didn’t think anything she could do would improve it.  She saw Mystic in the field and suggested that it would likely work better for her build. 
Verdict:  I’m going to keep the stupid DK and eventually I will have this saddle fitted to Mystic by DM.  If I don’t run over it with my car first...!

Schleese Wave Dressage Saddle – I refer to this saddle as my “cloud saddle”.  I have only ridden in it on the back of my couch but I freakin love it.  It feels like I am sitting on a cloud (hence the name!).  I got it for a good deal and I intended for it to be Mystic’s saddle eventually.  I had recently decided to try and sell it because the funds from the sale would have helped out in further lameness investigations for Apollo.  DM also is a Schleese rep.  And she was able to get it to fit Apollo!  The flocking needed to be redone and she recommended someone out of town to do that.  So the schleese is currently on a road trip and I hope to have it back in early March. 

Verdict: YAY!  I get to ride Apollo in my cloud saddle!!!

Henry modelling the cloud saddle in the summertime

DM also sells Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girths – so I bought one.  I’m excited to try it out when my cloud saddle is back in town.  My only small concern is that it’s quite wide and Apollo has a weird cowlick on his tummy that can be irritated by wider girths.  

Ulcer Update

I have started the gastrafx treatment.  I waffled a lot on this because several people told me not to bother with gastrafx and go straight to omeprazole.  I have never treated ulcers before so I do trust the opinions of others who have.  My vet doesn’t sell the generic product so I would have to buy gastroguard...so that would cost like $1400 (ack!).  Originally they said that I needed to have an appointment with a vet before they would give it  to me (and preferably scope him).  But when I called with a few more questions they said that I didn’t need an appointment.

The recheck with the bodyworker (who found ulcer stresspoints) is in 10 days.  I’m going to see what she has to say then and will likely proceed to a proper vet visit and gastroguard course after hearing her recommendations and monitoring his behaviour carefully until that time.

Apollo Soundness Update

He is sound!!!  And seems much more like himself.

Work/Financial Update

I decided to drop my one week night at my job at the gym.  I will still work Saturday evenings but it is too long of a day to work 12 hours and squeeze in feeding Apollo’s gastrafx in there. 

We are focusing on being more budget-conscious in our household.  I feel a bit silly after my recent purchases for overspending. 

Running Update

I run like the wind. 

Lesson Update

My instructor at the dressage barn has agreed to come over to my barn and teach me one evening a week.  I even have a cloud-like dressage saddle to ride in!  I am still figuring out how to fit lessons into my new budget - will have an update on that soon.

Cute Mystic

I'm excited to catch up on some blog readin' today :)


  1. wow. that's a lot to pack in the past few weeks. Congrats on the cloud saddle.

    1. Things have been a bit crazy! Thank you, I am over the moon to ride in it.

  2. Jumperdiva has also started doing Monday bunday!! So I was able to get bunny fix.

    Apollo looks adorable in western saddle. He looks like he's got quite the tum! Maybe angle tho?

    1. I saw that - so wonderful! :)

      He's actually ribby right now but I think the ulcers made him bloated. :( He should be trim and fit shortly now that he's back to work :)

  3. Yay for all the good newses especially re:saddle fit & fun purchases.
    Hope all goes well with Apollos recheck and that you get the cloud saddle back asap

    1. Thanks! It's been quite a whirlwind of changes and good news.

  4. What about ranitidine is you suspect ulcers? Just got some for one of my horses and it was under $150 for a month. Only hassle is that it has to be fed twice a day, but it works. My horse was back to himself in less than a week on it.

    1. Oh interesting! I will definitely float that out to the vet when they pop by. Thank you!

  5. You've been busy. Love how Apollo looks in his new saddle. He's so handsome. There's nothing like a real saddle fitter who knows their business. Hope it all work out for you. Looks like everything is looking up!

    1. Things are definitely looking up :)

  6. Curious to hear how the ulcer treatments go! Chloe's chiropractor also found ulcer stress points on Chloe and had us do 10 days of omeprazole (I was lucky enough to be referred to a vet that carries generic omeprazole for $25/tube with 3 doses in each tube!) and then maintenance with CRS Gold DFM Equine Powder from Valley Vet.

  7. so many great updates! super exciting about the saddle too - hope you and Apollo love lessoning in it :)

  8. Sounds like you've got a lot going on! So glad you were able to fit a saddle to Apollo :D