Sunday, 14 June 2015

Visit from the Tack Fairy

My aunt visited last weekend and left me 4 boxes and 3 garbage bags of horse stuff!  Oh and an Exselle AP saddle in lovely condition!  Her lovely steed passed away last year and she decided that she likely won't be buying another horse.  I really appreciate her sharing her beloved Nick's tack with me and my herd.

The horses also enjoyed a visit from my two aunts, my mother-in-law and my mom.  My mom brought out a whole package of black licorice!

Many noms

I brought the saddle out to my barn to try it on everyone on Tuesday.  I was really hoping it would fit Apollo.  Or Henry.  Mystic has dibs on my eventing DK saddle and my Schleese dressage saddle (if they still fit as nicely as they do now once she's started in November).  So Mystic is set.  Apollo has the fugly saddle. Henry doesn't have a saddle yet.

Henry was modelling it before my phone died, but it doesn't fit him.  It kind of looks like it does in the photos but it's a bit big in the shoulder for him (which causes a lot of pressure on the wither points of the saddle).

The saddle didn't fit Apollo either.

But guess who it fit?  Mystic!  So girl has three saddles now (this is ridiculous).

Spoiled pony is spoiled

I still have more things to try on but I need to clear out my tack box first! It's so nice to have some new things for the herd :)


  1. Yay new horsey things! Mystic is one spoiled pony! :)

  2. sounds like christmas came early haha - i love sorting through new pony stuffs :D

  3. Ohhh, boxes of horse stuff...for free? Probably the best thing ever!

    1. I still haven't gone through it all - so much stuff! :)

  4. How cool that she blessed you with all that stuff!