Saturday, 12 September 2015

NHW Blog Hop

NHW asks us to talk about a challenge we've set for ourselves and accomplished, or set ourselves a new challenge. Thanks for the great blog hop NHW :)

My response is a two parter.  I'd like to celebrate a challenge that I completed this year and share a new challenge that I've been presented with just this last week.

First up, I ran my first 5k ever this year!  I've been a lifelong runner but for some reason every time I've signed up for race I would bungle something.  I would run too hard right before and either hurt myself or get sick.  I honestly have no idea what my mental block was.  

But I'm proud to share that on June 27 I ran a 5k with my friend, Jen.  It was a super hot day and since I get heatstroke really easily we initially decided to walk most of it.  But once we were out there we ran a good 75% of it!  Our time was about 35 mins (we timed with her phone, there weren't any chip timers at the event).  

My post-race number (proudly displayed on my fridge now)

Blurry/colorful post-race me


I had so much fun that I'm doing a local "neon run" next weekend with Jen and another friend.  :)
Now for my new challenge...

Life is great at throwing curve balls. 

After months of job uncertainly (due to the economic conditions in his industry) my husband accepted a great new job three weeks ago.  It was a stable permanent position with benefits.  We started talking about selling our condo and buying a house (which has been up in air for a million years).  It felt like we could actually start making plans.

Yesterday he was laid off. 

I was pretty surprised.  But I know he’s a hard worker who will find a new job soon.  And I was able to pick up some additional hours at the barn where Mystic will be moving for training and at my previous job.  I am feeling incredibly determined to keep as many of my horsey plans for the year as I can.  This won't be easy but it will be worth it.  This is my new challenge to myself. 
Wise words from "The Last Lecture"

Thanks again NHW, I'm enjoying reading everyone's responses. :)


  1. what a disappointment about your husband's job situation - hopefully it's just a temporary disruption. congrats on the 5k!!

  2. Yay for the 5k!! Sorry for the other part. But hard workers do well. Thinking positive thoughts for you!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure we'll come out the other side stronger. :)