Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blog Giveaway: Spirit of the Season - We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Olivia from DIY Horsemanship!  She donated to Neigh Savers and recently posted about the Neigh Savers Annual Holiday Party.  I had a slow night at work so I decided to do the draw there.

Entries all ready to go!

Christmas cookie tin to shuffle the entries!

Awkward filming of the draw!  (I didn't look over the edge of the cookie can until I had drawn one)

Super festive in the tiny Christmas tree at work!

Olivia please shoot me an e-mail at dreaming900 (at) hotmail dot com and we can get your awesome bracelet from Straight Shot Metal Smashing (and a few other goodies) on the way to you soon.  Thanks Beka for all your help!

Thanks to all who participated! :)  I had lots of entries this year - it's nice to hear about so many people helping out charities (especially over the holidays).