Friday, 8 April 2016


I'll be taking a little hiatus from blogging.  Hope to be back soon. :)  Wishing everyone happy trails and good luck at the shows this summer!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016

The 11th Hour

Something happened with Henry at the trainer.  I’m not sure what yet. 

Serving master Henry his meal last summer.

I just got an e-mail stating that Henry was not ready to come home.  It essentially said that he wouldn’t be “safe”.  So at the last minute I frantically cancelled the haul, let my barn owners know and gave Coach D the scoop. 

In my heart I felt like he was not ready to come home.  It was really stressing me out and I constantly had to give myself these creepy pep talks, such as….

“You can do this!” 
“It’ll be fine!” 
“Apollo was much greener when you bought him!  And he’s waaaaay bigger than Henry!” 

But my gut has been saying things like this:

“I know this is a bad idea.”

So although it was annoying to cancel everything…I am breathing a gigantic sigh of relief.  I’m incredibly grateful that the trainer was able to squeeze Henry in for a bit more time.  He really has done a wonderful job with Henry, and I think there is more to do. 

Henry in May 2015

I went on a trail ride with Henry last weekend.   I rode a different horse because we were going out farther and would be doing some trotting/cantering (which Henry hadn’t done yet on the trail).  My anxiety about bringing Henry home was especially heightened - I had just tried on my aunt’s barnbsy jump saddle and it didn’t fit (OMG I HAVE NO TACK FOR THIS BABY HORSE).   So I happily rode a super chill standardbred instead.

Henry was a bit cheeky for the trainer on the ride.  Nothing major, just a bit prancy and pushy.  He definitely showed that he needed a little more work on his manners under saddle.

Henry in May 2015, again

I’m very pleased the trainer will be continuing Henry’s education for another 30 days.  He doesn’t actually have time in his schedule but he decided to make time to do a few rides a week to get Henry more prepared to come home.  Hopefully I will find out soon what happened that changed the trainer’s mind!