Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mystic's Story: Love at First Sight

I thought it would be fun to detail how each of my horses arrived with me (especially since I'm so close to our "anniversary" dates).

In early 2012 the thought had been brewing for a while to add another horse to the mix.  I was quite happy in my job and had a lot of flexibility in it.  From day one I had two things in mind: draft-cross filly.  I really like Apollo's size and temperament and I'm pretty safe in assuming a draft cross will be tall enough for all 6 feet of me!  Apollo has always loved foals and has a special soft spot for mares.  I searched through many Alberta horse rescue "available" horses and none really struck me.  I almost had brokered a deal on a 3 year old TB gelding.  I planned to name him Mystic when he arrived.  The owner revealed the day before his pick-up was scheduled that he was a cribber.  And considering I started off looking for a draft-cross filly...it was kind of a deal breaker!  I expanded my search to BC horse rescues and still nothing was catching my eye.  Near my birthday (October 29) of 2012 I saw this photo on the British Columbia Interior Horse Rescue Society website:

My heart melted!  This was my girl for sure!  The information stated she was a 6 month old BelgianXQuarter horse cross who was orphaned at one month old. I filled out and mailed an application this day after asking by e-mail if they adopted out of province.  The eerie thing was her name - "Mystic".  Which was the name I planned to change the gelding's name to once he arrived. 

I did a phone interview, had references called and a home visit done.  She arrived on January 19, 2013 and from day one she was a brave and bold girl!  I have yet to see her spook and she has an absolute heart of gold. We really "clicked" from day one.  She walks or even trots over whenever she sees me coming into the field, which is adorable.  We are planning to use her image as our wedding stamp and donate to the rescue she came from instead of giving our wedding guests favors. 

Here is one of our first photos together:

She loves to be the center of attention and we end up with a lot of photos like this:

She was a great help in training Henry.  Because she is so fearless, he followed her lead into new situations.  They were quite good friends and stuck by each other in the field.

One of my favorite photos of her from the summer:

Love my girl!

Here are a few from the fall:

First piece of licorice!

This is me trying to take our photo together last week...she took over!

She is a very special horse and I am excited to spend our lives together.  She has my heart.

I'm so lucky to have you Mystic!

Here is a link to the rescue that saved her as a little one: http://www.bcihrs.ca I can't say enough good things about them, they are a truly wonderful organization!

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