Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 3 & Day 4!

I was slow getting my pictures from February 3rd onto the computer so I'm doing a combined entry today. :)

Date of Ride: February 3rd, 2014

Length of Ride: 10/15 minutes (approximately)

Location of Ride: Arena 

Notes on Ride: There were two other people at the barn when I arrived today. I had my dog, Molly, with me so I decided it wasn’t the best idea to ride. I can’t leave Molly in a stall or she freaks out, and I’m sure other riders don’t want my dog running around in the arena (although she is excellent at keeping the cat out!). I put the halter on Mystic and started doing it up when I saw Apollo. He was standing there staring at me. He started to walk over and I felt like he was telling me....”I thought you were riding me every day?”. So I gave Mystic some pats and a carrot and put the halter on the big guy. He’s been just a little squirrelly about being caught the last two days but today he came right up and put his face in the halter.

He was very patient at the mounting block. And get this – I rode with another rider in the arena! For the first time in years! And she’s a trainer so I felt a little extra self-conscious but it was really nice to have company. She was cooling her horse out and we chatted a bit. I put Molly in the still warm car (she had her coat on and wasn’t cold after she came back out after my ride). So although not ideal that solution it worked for today!

Apollo was amazing! It was a very brief ride but we did a bit of trot (that I asked for) and he was willing but not rushy and was actually on the bit! I’m so glad I decided to ride today. What a nice ride! 
Notes for Next time: More of the same! I hope to have time to brush and fuss on Mystic next time I’m out. And finally get Apollo’s sheath cleaned too. It’s supposed to be -34 with the wind chill today....not nice at all! Might put some coats on the ponies.

Here is a picture of big chunk someone bit out his left shoulder between (ouch!):

Cute boy:

Apollo and Molly:

On to my notes from today!
Date of Ride: February 4th, 2014

Length of Ride: 10 minutes

Location of Ride: Arena

Notes on Ride: Had a quick ride in the bareback pad today (so I could leave my cozy overalls on!).  It was -34 with the windchill tonight.  He burst into a trot after my not so grateful mount!  And was a little more "looky" and spooky but generally was quite good.

In regards to our time on the ground - he was very patient while I fiddled around with Mystic.  I was proud of him!  He can be a little wiggly sometimes and today he was a chill dude.  He was pretty relaxed when I was leading them in together too.  Made my life easier!

Notes for Next time: Definitely a lunge first would be good!  And if I could find more time that would be awesome.  I had to juggle getting blankets on all the horses today because of the cold, so that cut into my riding/Apollo time quite a bit. I only got one photo tonight with Mr. A in it!


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