Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day One!

Date of Ride:  February 1st, 2014

Length of Ride: Probably about 10 minutes.
Location of Ride: Arena

Notes on Ride:  I'm sad I didn't have time to ride longer.  It was a nice ride to start off my February Challenge.  I spent a lot of time at the mounting block.  Apollo was being quite obedient but I had to really get myself into the right frame of mind before I put my foot in the stirrup.  I was so nervous!  I was very pleased with him once I mounted.  He didn't spook/bolt or pull any other shenanigans.  He did pop in a few trot strides towards the end of our very brief ride but was easily brought down to a walk.  Ten minutes of walking was a nice place to start, I really didn't want to dismount!  I spent a lot of time praising him.  I find that I can be very nit-picky and I really want to make my riding time fun/positive for both of us.  I read this blog post by one of my favorite bloggers and was keeping in mind not to "ride like my mother" http://annablakeblog.com/2014/01/31/do-you-ride-like-your-mother/.

Notes for Next time:  Continue to give lots of praise.  I'll try to give myself more time next time.

Here's the big man after our little ride today!

Munching on a carrot:

Curious about what I'm doing my tack box....bringing another carrot hopefully:

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