Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day Two!

Date of Ride:  February 2nd, 2014

Length of Ride: 15 minutes
Location of Ride: Arena

Notes on Ride:  Apollo had a lot of pep today!  Yesterday he seemed to sense I was a little nervous at first and gave me a nice lazy walk.  Today... he really wanted to trot!  I tried to channel his energy into some circles and navigating little courses around the pylons I set up.  I did ask for a bit of trot towards the end.  We worked on transitions and standing still today also.  A really good ride.  He made me laugh a lot today!

I saw my friend Kathy today and it was nice to chat after our ride.  I'm almost always alone at the barn, it can get a bit lonely!

Notes for Next time:
Continue with transition work and "patience" work.  It might be a good idea to lunge him first next time haha.  He also really needs his sheath cleaned so I will work on that soon too.  I'm going to buy a few more saddle pads.  I like the shape of the "Roma Miller" pad I rode in today but one side is worn out and I hate the pattern.  I used it yesterday as well and I decided today that I'm due for a few more saddle pads. Woohoo for online shopping!  I'm thinking of buying him a Back on Track fleece cooler as well....when I get paid!

Here's a picture of him under his green fleece before our ride (looking so cute!):

Thumbs up for Day Two!:

Looking handsome:

Love my pony!:

Top of my saddle pad, hoping to find another similar one...in a different shade/pattern:

I think for a celebration after we complete our February Challenge...perhaps massages are in order for both of us!

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