Thursday, 20 February 2014

February Update

I have temporarily abandoned my February Challenge.  Some additional shifts became available at work and I’m not exactly in a financial position to turn down work!  I am still hanging on to getting 28 rides in February, even if they aren’t consecutive.   I might give the 30 days of riding a go again in March, as I will be working less and will no longer be sharing a vehicle (another tricky obstacle this month). 

I will be completing my Interdressage test next week (sometime on or before February 26!).  I’m extremely nervous about it.  Even though only about 5 people will ever see my test… I am already working myself into a frenzy about what might go wrong.  I’m excited about the challenge of the practical horsemanship tests I’ve signed up for with Mystic and Apollo.  I wish I had a bit more time but we will do our best!

I took Henry’s registration shots and pulled some mane for DNA testing.  Perhaps after owning him for 14 months I could finally finish up his Canadian Warmblood registration!  He is having another growth spurt and still has his fuzzy teddy bear coat on.  I can’t wait for him to be shed out!  He is looking much healthier with the oil added to his diet.

I’ve been thinking through a couple of conundrums lately.  I’ve been debating moving Henry back to where Apollo and Mystic are.  I’d like all the horses to be in the wedding photos in May, and it is easier having everyone in one location.  Also, Henry’s barn is for sale and I worry a bit about him having enough room as his pen is a bit small for the amount of horses.  On the other hand I feel badly moving him again.  Henry has moved twice since he arrived from Ontario last year.  I suspect I will give notice at the end of February and bring him back home for April 1st

My other conundrum is more in the work/life balance area.  I have a permanent part-time position at AHS (20 hours a week).  I work both weekend mornings at Henry’s barn, 8-12 (8 hours a week).  I usually just work Saturday nights at the gym 3pm-10pm (8 hours a week).  I also work 4 hours a week as a privacy officer.  Previously I had an additional part-time position at AHS (an additional 20 hours a week – so full-time hours).  It ended December 31.  I hoped a full-time position would turn up between August 1 – December 31st, but I wasn’t able to get any of the positions posted.  So now I am scrounging for any shifts I can get at the gym and at AHS.  I’ve been getting a lot of shifts from both.  In my state of limbo I am afraid to turn any shifts down (as perhaps next month there won’t be any extra shifts).  I am so stressed and exhausted from being in this state of limbo!  I hope something will turn up soon.  I applied for a permanent barn job during the week, which would be a blast.  It’s a lot of weight on my shoulders to pay for three horses, a mortgage and a wedding.  Of course I have a lot of help from my fiancé on the mortgage and wedding front but I want to contribute my fair share.  Was that even a conundrum or just whining?!  Haha.  I am just in limbo and don’t know what else I can do to resolve it.  I haven’t had any days off in February and I am looking and feeling kind of ragged! I am being treated to spa weekend (leaving tomorrow!) by my friends as my stagette.  I am soooo looking forward to it!

I'm hoping to get a few pony snuggles in tomorrow before I leave :)

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