Friday, 14 February 2014

Our Test!

Well...I fell off the horse.  Not literally!  But I have kind of lost my groove.  Between a bit of a flu bug and a crazy week at work I've missed a few rides.  Hoping to get back into it starting tomorrow and do some make-up rides for those I've missed. 

This is the dressage test I have to video tape and complete with Apollo by February 26th:


1A enter at working trot. X to M working trot. 10

2M C H working trot. H to X working trot. 10

3Proceed down centre line to A working trot. A track right working trot to E. 10

4E medium walk. H C M free walk on a long rein. M medium walk 20

5B turn right. E track left. K working trot. 10

6A commence 3 loop serpentine in working trot to C touching the track on each loop. 10

7H X F change the rein working trot – give and retake the reins over X. 10

8K X M change the rein working trot with transition to walk over X 3- 5 steps immediately followed y transition to working trot. 10

9CHEK working trot 10

10A down the centre line. D walk. 10

11Between X and G halt, immobility, salute. Leave arena free walk on along rein where convenient. 10

12Regularity and rhythm of paces. 20

13Impulsion and desire to move forwards, elasticity of steps and suppleness of back. 20

14Submission, acceptance of aids, confidence, balance, lightness and ease of movements. 20

15Position of rider, correctness and effectiveness of aids. 20

16Total 200

Tips and advice:
SCORING EXPLAINED; 0=Not performed. 1=Very bad. 2=Fairly bad. 3=bad. 4=Insufficient. 5=Sufficient 6=Satisfactory. 7= Fairly good. 8= Good. 9=Very good. 10= Excellent.
Half marks may be used.

It's more challenging that I expected for a walk/trot test to be honest.  Lots of direction changes.  It will be interesting for sure!  I would feel a little more confident if I hadn't missed 5 days of riding.  But we will get it figured it.  It's a place to start anyhow!  I'm also doing the practical horsemanship freestyle test with Apollo & Mystic.  Because I am a crazy person

I'm not too worried with anything for Mystic, that girl is pretty fearless!  I'm not sure if I can get her to trot though!  Apollo might be a little wary of the tarp and the umbrella.  I worked on their individual routines (just to figure out the order of operations).  Some practice is in order soon! :)

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