Thursday, 27 February 2014

Proud Horsemom!

I decided to complete the February Interdressage Practical Horsemanship test with Mystic.  And Mystic and I decided to tackle it last night, with our helpful cameraman Todd!  For this competition you pick 5 out of a list of 20 obstacles challenges and complete them on camera.  For Mystic I chose: rubbing her all over with a plastic bag, leading her while I pull a wheelbarrow, backing through poles, twirling an umbrella on either side of her and walking across a tarp.  You also have to do walk/trot in both directions.  Mystic was an absolute rock star!  Especially for walking across the tarp.  Some horses take years to do that, others never will.  When I was unfolding it and laying it out she stood on it and wouldn't get off!  There were some minor handler errors, but overall it was pretty awesome.  I couldn’t get a trot in-hand but was able to do a few strides on a lunge.  She blew me away with how brave and sensible she is.  I’m feeling pretty proud and lucky today.

We’re booked in to attend a trail obstacle clinic at the end of April and I think she will do great!


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