Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March Plans

February flew by!  I just could not get everything I wanted to do crammed in.  I remain in job limbo...which is giving me grey hair but I hope to have some news by the end of this week (maybe some good news for a change!).  I was able to defer Apollo's interdressage entries for practical horsemanship and walk/trot dressage to March.  So this is our focus for the month.  Mystic will be entering practical horsemanship again and I bet we will win this time! :)  I really need to get myself on some sort of schedule.  I'd really like to see all the horses every day and it seems like that only way that will work is if I visit them each morning.  Considering I want to be giving each of them some supplementation and grain every day it makes sense. Henry will be moving back to Mystic and Apollo's barn April 1st which will help! 

I have a few non-horsey things in mind for March.  I will be keeping an "Gratitude Journal" on my phone and will be listing one thing I'm grateful for every day (will post at the end of the month).  I'm also going to do a random act of kindness every day, starting today (the 4th) for the remainder of the month.

In other news.... we have pretty much chosen our honeymoon!  We will be leaving May 26th for Nice, France to a fabulous clifftop resort.  I am so excited!  The wedding is fast approaching now and it's starting to feel real.  I'm seeking a horse/house sitter for our time away and I'll feel a bit better once we have that sorted out.    Also - the departure date for our honeymoon leaves time for me to do the Pinto Show...which has been on my list forever and forever.  Currently considering it!  My horse goals are completing my interdressage tests with Mystic & Apollo.  Would like have 10 visits with each baby this month too.  Will track that also!

I have been so stressed out (wedding and money stress) and I'm trying to focus on the positive and keep working towards my dreams.

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