Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Henry the Water Horse & Apollo is NQR

Another one of Henry's quirks is that he loves water.  I used to have to help the other barn staff get him out of the trough at his previous location.  Since Apollo was feeling NQR last night (more on that later) I decided to complete one of my August goals and give Mr. Henry a bath.

He freakin' loved it.

Drying out

Apollo was just not himself.  I had my friend who is a bodyworker check him out while I was at work today and I'm awaiting her report.  Apollo has recently fallen in love with a mare in his field.  And he's been mounting her and generally being a doofus.  It looked like his stifle or maybe pelvis were causing the problem.

Symptoms Apollo's NQR-ness:
- Hesitant to pick up his right front
- Hindend looks "off" when travelling clockwise on the lunge (but OK the other direction)

He has the grossest sheath ever and I clean it almost monthly.  So I figured I would give it a quick clean and then I could see if he had any damage to his equipment and get rid of the extra filth.  There were two beans but it was actually cleaner than usual. He had a big roll in the field when I let him go.  There was so much cracking and popping when he rolled...it was actually pretty gross.

I think what it might be is that he's a bit fat.  Last year he was a little bit off but was also being a bit hard to catch so he had to live in a smaller pen.  After about a week he'd lost a bit of weight and was 100% sound.  I've texted my BO to see if the Jenny Craig center is available.

Fingers crossed for a sound horse soon!


  1. Henry is adorable, my Kika also loves water. She's forever sticking her front feet in the water trough in the field.
    Hope Apologies feels better soon

    1. Thanks! Henry is such a character :) Sounds like Kika is water horse too!