Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Goal Recap and August Goals

I hope my Canadian friends are also enjoying their long weekends!  I am beyond excited to sleep in tomorrow.  I'm brainstorming my August goals still and hope to have something in writing in the next day or two.  For now I'll just do a quick recap on my July goals and share some random horsey pics. 
July Goals
1)      Complete the Interdressage Practical Horsemanship Test with all 3 horses My videographer/husband had a huge change in his work schedule so I had to defer to August. I did a lot of practicing this month with the whole herd so we shouldn't need a lot of work to complete this in August.
2)       Work on farrier manners for July 29th appointment.  All three horses were trimmed today and were absolutely awesome.  I was a very proud horse mom today.
3)       Complete the Interdressage Walk/Trot Test with Apollo.  Again...no one to tape me. :(  
4)       Submit/pay for Henry’s warmblood paperwork  Submitted!  Awaiting paperwork
5)       Ride 20 times.   I didn't count but I would say we were pretty close. 
6)       Run 5km race (on August 5...slightly out of July but still sort a July goal).  Pending.... :)  I might be bumping for a later race since my ankle has been bothering me.
7)       Ride outside.  Completed - I rode outside in a halter, twice!
8)       Book massages for the whole herd.  Massages received on July 30th!  Now I need one!
9)       Learn to braid.  Yeah...no.  



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  1. Congrats on doing so well on your goals ☺