Saturday, 30 August 2014

Some Equestrians I Admire

An old friend and I were chatting last night about people in the horse community we admire.  I figured it was post-worthy for motivation/inspiration purposes!

Here goes:

1) Reiner Klimke 

The rest of the list in no particular order but #1 is!  I am in truly in awe of Reiner.  *bows down*

When I watched the video below I saw how beautiful dressage could truly be:


2) Denny Emerson

I absolutely love his writing.  I admire his straight forward and practical approach to everything.  I think it's very cool that he competed in endurance as well. His articles and riding have inspired me to pursue eventing (albeit at a low wimpy level!)

3) Phillipe Karl

My interest in PK came from a previous mentor (who sadly moved away).  My friend/mentor used similar techniques and I hope to participate in the School de Legerete with one of my youngsters eventually.

4) Beezie Madden & Beth Underhill

Beezie and Beth were my absolute favorites to watch as a kid.  I was wowed by both of them.  I definitely galloped some jumping courses in my basement (with my own legs) after watching these ladies.
Beezie Madden

Beth Underhill

Who do you have on your "favorite equestrians" list? :)

I have quite a few other names I could add to this list but this is a good start!


  1. Reiner Klimke is my #1 as well. Thanks for posting that video. They were dressage perfection.

    Don't know if you've seen this before - it's video of the 75 one tempi that Klimke and Alerich did on their AMAZING victory lap for that performance. Enjoy :D

  2. We share the same #1. Ingrid klimke is pretty cool in her own right too. Denny is awesome! I'll add Mary King to my list as well - seems like a classy person and I respect that she's bred/trained/ridden so many horses to the upper levels.

  3. I like Reiner Klimke and Phillipe Karl also. Great horsemen!