Friday, 22 August 2014

The Fat and Fabulously-Dressed Apollo

Apollo is currently the sole resident of the fat pen.  And he is miserable. 

We have been having a crazy amount of rain here lately.  He doesn't really have a proper shelter in there, just some tall wind fences.

So I used this as an excuse to.....

On Wednesday I bought this lovely rainsheet in hunter green....

And today the rainsheet above was beginning so soak through so - I bought this jazzy weatherbeeta rainsheet.....

I had a really nice hunter green rain sheet for years but it was taken by mistake at previous barn.  I had the same blanket as someone else and they hung in a common area.  She took my 84" and a 76" just isn't going to work on the big guy.  I called her and e-mailed her a couple of times and never got a response. :(

I'm going to lunge him tomorrow morning before work at the barn and if he looks sound I will try for a ride in the afternoon.  Fingers are crossed that a bit of weight loss solves the NQR-ness.  :)  I will also try to take some photos of his new wardrobe additions.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm working two 12 hour days so it will be hectic on my end but I can recoup some moolah after my recent horse clothing splurge!


  1. Like that wild Weatherbeeta!

  2. I want to buy super-cute rain sheets too but MasterCard won't let me :-(
    Good luck with the move to the new barn! That's exciting.

  3. I need a new rainsheet this year and I've looked at the tough 1s, I had a friend who had the rain sheet and it would get soaked too but she thought it was because she washed it... glad to know she wasn't the only one with the problem, I won't waste my money on it then! That weatherbeta sheet is cuuute! I'm a sucker for fun designs...