Monday, 29 September 2014

The Big Move

Moving day was a success!  My pick-up time was moved to 1pm so I had to shuffle my schedule around a bit.  Apollo was filthy when I arrived so I brought him in for a quick brush while I waited for the hauler.  I gave him a little bit of beet pulp while I walked out to grab Mystic.  I planned to load Apollo first because he loads well and Mystic hasn’t loaded since she was 6 months old (almost 2 years ago!).  I was hoping Apollo would set a good example!  When the hauler arrived I was just bringing Mystic in from the field so I changed my mind and decided to try her first.  

She strolled in without a moment of hesitation.  I’m so proud of her!  Apollo hopped on afterwards just as cooperatively.  I have dealt with hard loaders in the past and I feel pretty blessed that I ended up with such good loaders (HORSE MOM BRAG!).  I don’t have a trailer to practice on so I can’t really take credit!

I am always kind of a nervous wreck whenever any of my horses is in a trailer.  I totally trust Greg (the hauler); I just don’t trust the other yahoos on the road.  The horse convoy followed me out on the trek out to my new barn and it was hard for me to look at the road in front of me instead of staring at the trailer in my rear-view mirror!    

There was a bit of confusion when I arrived about where the ponies needed to go but it was all sorted out.  Mystic is living in the mare pasture with my sweet lesson horse from last week.  And Apollo is in the gelding pasture on the other side of the property.  I actually thought they were going to be living together but I think this is better.  I always feel kind of bad when I catch one and not the other, this way neither one of them can see what I’m doing with the other one!  The mare pasture is gorgeous, lots of trees and it’s huge.  The gelding pasture is huge too and has one tree-lined fenceline.  Bonus about the gelding pasture is that it has the outdoor area on one side of it and the road (which I plan to ride down this week) on the other.  So Apollo will be pretty used to his surroundings in the outdoor arena and down the road when we start using them.

I hung out and watched both horses for a bit.  Mystic was a bit apprehensive to go make friends so I walked to Sienna (my lesson horse buddy) and gave her an apple.  She followed me over to Mystic and they made friends.  Mystic had a big drink from the waterer and then followed Sienna back to the herd.  They trotted around a bit but it was more standing around and sniffing eachother.  Apollo’s herd mates wanted to run around so badly.  Apollo...not so much.  He tried to participate in the running around at a slow trot with his head down so he could graze.  It was a pretty weak multi-tasking attempt.  After about 10 minutes they were all together eating.  I’ve never seen him fit in with a herd so quickly!  

Mystic debates meeting new friends

 Beautiful road to my new barn, can't wait to ride down this!

I decided to take off because I had a couple of errands to run in town and I wanted to try Henry’s new coats on.   The amigo was on sale for 50% in vegas, it’s a bit big but I think he will grow into it.  It will also make a good top layer under the other the other blanket that fits him better.  The amigo is a 78 but apparently this style fits a bit small.  The premiere blanket is a 77 and is a pretty good fit.  Henry is probably more of a 75/76 but I’ve had a heck of a time finding those sizes.  Henry and Mystic can share the 78s this year at least.  I think she’ll end up in an 80 eventually but I wouldn’t be shocked if he stayed around a 78...even if he does get taller!

Here’s winterized Henry.

I went back out later to check on Mystic and Apollo.  Apollo was still grazing, right in the middle of the herd.  Mystic was near the other horses and came galloping when I called her.  I brought her in for a snack and brush.  

I’m happy the day went so smoothly.  Hopefully Mystic and Apollo like their new home :)

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  1. wow that field is GORGEOUS! congrats on a smooth move - hope the horses settle in well