Thursday, 23 October 2014

October's 10 Questions from L!

Apollo is still a bit off so I'm very happy that L has 10 questions for me to answer instead of whining about that!

1. How many pairs of breeches/jods do you own? Hmmm.... I can't remember exactly but I am pretty sure I have 4 black, 1 brown, 1 plaid and 1 tan.  So 7.  How many fit me right now?  Exactly one pair.   

2. How many horses have you ridden? I would put my guess around 40.  23 lessons horses I can think of and the rest are personal horses or friend's horses.

3. How many trainers have you had?  I'm not going to count Pony Club or instructors I tried out once or twice.  8, including my new instructor now.

4. How many barns have you ridden at? 15. *read: barn transient*

5. What is the name of the horse you consider yourself to have the greatest bond with?  Apollo.  But I will always have a special place in my heart for Blue. 

6. What is your favorite show name you've ever encountered? London Fog (for a dapple grey). 

7. What do you consider your greatest weakness or flaw in riding? I'm crooked and I don't believe in myself. (I guess that's two things...)

8. What do you consider to be your greatest strength? Umm.... I try to be a quiet/soft rider, that counts for something! 

9. Have you ever leased a horse? Nope. 

10. What is the name of the first horse you rode?  My first lesson horse I remember was Pharoah.  A handsome bay with a perfect white star.  I rode Cody my dad's horse when I was pretty young too, I'm not too sure which was first.  (My mom would remember...!)


  1. That wedding photo is gorgeous! ( as are the people and horse in it, of course ;)

  2. Aww I know a jumper named London Fog :)

  3. Gorgeous photo!
    Ps i hope that Apollo is feeling better

  4. aww boo that apollo is still off! lovely wedding pic tho!