Monday, 22 December 2014

The Things I Have Realized After Riding Non-Apollo Horses

I have been riding Apollo almost exclusively for the last seven years until the last few months.  Now I have a month worth of lessons on two different horses.

These are some of my notes after riding non-Apollo horses:

1)      Apollo is not the only horse that is crooked.  I thought the crookedness was all my fault (because I am crooked!).  All of horses I’ve ridden have also had some degree of crookedness.  And that actually makes me feel better.  Although there is certainly room for improvement on my part and Apollo’s part.

2)      My young horses are not babies anymore.  Apollo is around 16.2½hh and is an absolute tank.  It might be hard to see that from pictures because I’m 6 feet tall so he doesn’t seem so big.  But he HUGE.  The lesson horse I ride in my dressage lessons is about 15.1hh-15.2hh-ish and the horse I rode at my barn this week is about the same size, maybe a bit smaller.  Up until quite recently my young horses have still seemed like babies to me because they are so much littler than Apollo.  But they are the same size as my lesson horses!  Neither of them will be as big as Apollo but they are actually horse-sized *mind blown*. 

3)      I love riding Apollo.  I love his walk.  I love his cheeky-ness.  It’s been a little hard on my heart to be riding other horses and I didn’t really expect that.  I really miss riding him (the sound/well-behaved version of him).  He’s been having some time off lately.  The arena has been very busy when I've been out lately and after his bucking episode I'd prefer to lunge him first. I'll be out later in the evening this week so I should be able to get a lunge/ride in soon.

I hope to have a ride on Apollo this Tuesday this week and his “light work” ends on January 7th. Fingers are crossed! 


  1. Aw. Its great to ride other horses, but our own horses are ours for a reason! Hope it's a quick two weeks for you.

    Its also hard to realize when babies aren't babies anymore! When you see them everyday, growth is so different.

  2. It's fun riding other horses, but agree there's nothing like your own. Fingers crossed he's feeling better soon!

  3. Riding other horses is a great way to get experience.Learning how differently each one feels/goes, makes you a better horse person who is able to figure out lots of different ways to cope with each horses personalities etc. That said it's always nice to ride your own. I hope Apollo is 100% soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I hope that he is all better soon! It is so good to ride other horses, but I know what you mean about missing riding your own. Also, on the crookedness, I'm always wondering how we know when we are making the horse crooked or when they are making us crooked.