Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Happy Horse Story

I was checking the local classifieds just before Christmas and I saw an ad that broke my heart.  I can’t remember this exact wording but it was something like this:

“Tall black Arab gelding.  3 years old.  Scars from an old injury but sound. Free, husband wants him gone.”

There are plenty of ads that read like this but something about the photos of that sweet boy made me share the link with my farrier.  I asked her if she knew anyone who could help him.  She offered to take him at her place and work on his hooves (which looked overgrown in the photos) if I could arrange the haul.  So I did!  He arrived on January 9th.  

His name was Smarty Marty but my farrier suggested Phoenix was a better fit.

Here are the photos from his sale ad:

Note the long right  hind hoof...

My farrier worked extensively on his ground manners and slowly chipped away at his hooves.  It turned out that only one hoof was left long, which was on the opposite site of his hind leg injury.  He proved to be friendly and willing, but a bit defensive of his hind end.  Almost as soon as he arrived we quietly put out the word that he needed a new home.  Neither of us was able to add a new member to our herds but we hoped to take the time to find him the perfect home.  We had a few leads but nothing really panned out.

Here are a few pics I took in January: 

Newly trimmed up feet!

About two weeks ago his perfect home showed up!  A woman interested in driving with lots of Arabian experience who recently purchased her own property.  She actually has a black Arab gelding that will eventually make a lovely driving partner for Mr. Phoenix.  It could not be a more perfect match.  One of my farrier’s best friends (who is also a farrier) lives on the property right next to Phoenix and can continue his hoof rehab.  

We will receive updates on Phoenix and have first right of refusal on his sale.  We will do our best to make sure that he is safe forever.  I will share photos/updates as I get them.  My farrier so awesome for helping him out! It took me forever to get this story on the blog but I’m especially excited to share it now as it has a happy ending. :)


  1. How incredibly sweet! He is so lucky to have found a good home. Hats off to you and your farrier!! :)

  2. What kind hearted people yourself and your farrier are. What a wonderfully happy ending for the lovely Phoenix!

  3. Good work! You guys are amazing :)

  4. Happy story! =) Thank you and your farrier for doing this.