Monday, 18 May 2015

The Long Way Around

Since May 2014 Apollo and I have endured the following issues (sort of in this order):

- On and off lameness last summer

- Lameness resolved by Apollo being less fat

- Move to eventing barn

- Soundness issues return

- Hind fetlock injections and saddle re-flock

- Soundness remains hit and miss 

- Apollo becomes very disobedient under saddle

- I give up on eventing a move back to previous barn

- Realize that re-flocked saddle was hurting Apollo

- Have dressage saddle adjusted and re-flocked adjusted, and accept that DK saddle will never fit

- Focus energy on dressage and take lessons on a school horse

- Apollo sees two body workers and is treated for ulcers 

- Ride in bareback pad for two months waiting for dressage saddle to be ready

- Dressage saddle returns and doesn't fit properly (resulting in extreme disobedience under sadddle from Apollo)

- Buy fugly saddle

- School out the crowhop

What a long strange trip it's been!  Things are not perfect now either - but I have a saddle that fits and I'm starting to feel like we're getting somewhere. 

I bought a new bridle because half of mine went missing in my last barn move (I've been riding in my bitless bridle since the move).  I bought a new cheapie one from kijiji.  It's black with orange/brownish piping.  I wasn't a huge fan of the piping but since my saddle is so ugly...who cares.  It's actually not very noticeable once it's on.  It just barely fits Apollo's head, I might have to swap out the browband for my old one.  The leather quality is pretty good, although it could use a good cleaning.

"What is this "ground tie...?" (his feelings were so hurt by me shoo-ing him to get this photo)

Pumpkin-detailing and my cool band-aid

I've been wracking my brain for ideas on where we should set goals now!

I had a dream about cantering Apollo through an open field last week.  When I woke up I thought: "A competitive trail ride!".  So I'm gearing our training towards that at the moment. He's at his happiest when he is being ridden outside.  I don't expect to be competitive (he's probably as against type as you can get for a competitive trail ride).

The more I think about it the more it sounds like a good idea. 

I have lots of other exciting horse news/plans to share so I will likely be posting a lot this week!

Also, will you still be my friend if I have purple hair like this?  Another hare-brained idea floating around my brain this week.


  1. Once upon a time I had hair that color, but shorter (an asymetrical bob). I LOVED it. So I'd never discourage anyone else from it. Just be warned the color does all kinds of weird things when it fades out and you need a bit of a plan for how you're going to deal...I ended up with a few different colors over a few months to transition back to my normal hair.

  2. You and Apollo have been on quite a journey! Kudos to you for working your way through all this. I'm glad to hear it sounds like you're in a better place. I can definitely see the parallels between Apollo and Boca.

  3. I think that everything takes time and you and Apollo seem to have worked through all of the problems. A competitive trail ride sounds like a good idea. Our horses used to love the hunter paces.

  4. Yes pumpkin lining. Yes competitive trail riding. Yes purple hair. Yes to all the things.

  5. I agree with Carly too :) I think you and Apollo are going to have a lot of fun!

  6. You've certainly had a lot of ups and downs this year, but it sounds like things are finally sorting themselves out and you're on the right track!

  7. Those long strings of bad luck can be the worst (I know because I just went through one hah). I'm glad things are turning around though! That bridle isn't so bad, it's actually pretty cute on him! And I had purple hair once, it was awesome, but it got everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE.