Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TMM Blog Hop: Bit of Luck

Hannah of The Moody Mare asks us:

I think that we all have those tried and true bits in our collection while others we just steer clear of.  Are there any bits that work like magic for your horse?

Apollo's magical bit is the Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen Mouth Loose Ring.  He uses a 6" and I recently bought a 5.25" for my young horses.

I stumbled into using this bit by chance.  I forgot my bridle one night when I had a lesson and had to borrow a bridle from my coach.  Her biggest bridle had this bit on it so I used it.  And Apollo was more respectful and responsive to it than his previous d-ring snaffle.  So I stuck with it!

Since I am so boring I have some future bit purchases to add on :)

I have been doing some reading on Myler bits and am curious to give them a try in the future.  I like the idea that they don’t create the nut cracker effect that a normal snaffle would. Hannah wrote a lot of great info on them in her original post.


I have always wanted to try a French link too.  I hear such good things from people who use them.  

Check out the original post here.  Thanks Hannah for the awesome blog hop! :)


  1. I love my broken snaffles with the peanut in the middle. Horses seem to really like them.

  2. I've used Mylers and French Links and like both of them for the non-nutcracker effect reason. However, sometimes with the rollers, I find it can make a fussy horse fussier, or turn a horse fussy. It all depends on the horse i think. I wish good quality bits were cheaper... I think i'd have 259735. haha

    1. Yeah the pricetag holds me back from trying new things for sure!

  3. yea i pretty much found a bit i like and stick with it too

  4. I tried a french link on Miles and he said HELL NO. He loves his single-jointed happy mouth :-)