Thursday, 4 February 2016

February is a Fat Guy in a Little Coat

February is going to be kind of nuts - mostly in a good way.  

All the stuff I have to do is the fat guy.  The amount of days in February is the coat.

I really just like any excuse to start singing the song in my head....

I’m just going to do an update on each horse before my share my slightly insane February goals.


She is doing so great!  We have been working on her canter and it’s really coming along.  I’ll be doing lessons on Thursday morning lessons in February (except the first one, when the trainer is away).   I had a chat with the trainer last week and she thinks starter level is a good goal for Mystic.  She will be doing one training ride a week on Mystic in February.  

I rode in the arena with 4 others horses yesterday (we are usually alone).  She totally ignored them and was completely tuned into me.  Even Apollo would have sped up a bit as horse cantered by him or wanted to drift over to where other horses were.  My girl was a rock star!  I’m so glad I got rid of the DK as she seems to go a lot better in the Verhan (having a more balanced rider doesn’t hurt either!).   


Poor Henry!  I bungled the date with the hauler.  We stood around for an hour and a half waiting for the hauler on Sunday.  Henry’s haul to school has been moved to next Sunday (February 8th) instead.  The trainer was completely understanding about the whole thing.  It was completely my fault, I asked the hauler to come on Sunday, February 1stSunday was January 31st *facepalm*.  

Henry’s been doing quite well lately.  I feel like he is starting to mature and settle down a bit.


Tbt when I brought Apollo home.  I had barn party and had a DQ cake made with him on it. <3


I am going to majorly gush on my big pony for a minute here.  He has been f**ing amazing.  

The logistics of sharing a saddle with Mystic resulted in quite a few bareback rides on Apollo in January.  I would prefer that everyone have their own saddle but we are making due.  

I have been doing quite a bit of lateral work with him in the bareback pad, which has been helping other areas of my riding immensely.  He’s still not 100% fit or balanced so he has a tendency to either fall in/cut corners or get very speedy.  If I start my ride with lateral work he is way more in tune with my legs – so I can actually push him back out if he’s falling in!  I’ve been doing canter transitions in the bareback pad too (who is this brave woman?!).  I let him do about three strides and then trot again.  The footing is super deep at his arena so we don’t need to go blasting around at Mach 1.  Transitions also seem to help him getting tuned into my aids.  

Our relationship is probably the best it’s ever been.  I am so excited to take him to the show and show off how awesome he is at the end of February!  I have like 10 people who want to come and watch.  Normally that would give me a heart attack.  But right now I’m feeling like... I’m horse is f**ing amazing.  Come watch.  Videotape it.  Bring more people.   

Other random Kate updates

 I did two work outs with a personal trainer in January and tried to work out more often with my husband.  I managed to lose a whopping .8 lbs (from 149.2 to 148.4).  Not 8.  0.8. Sigh.  No #goalbreeches for me yet.

I was doing so much riding that I assumed the weight would just fall off of me.  Apparently not.  

I’m getting a tattoo with my friends on February 11th.  It’s not the horse tattoo I want to get eventually, just a small arrow on my foot.  I'm super excited about it... even though I think it will probably hurt a lot.

Okay now onto my very long February goal list!

February Goals
1)      Practice courses seen at show
(bonus points to finding/making fake shrubbery to jump over).
2)      Create a show mantra.
3)      Do all the things mentioned here to prepare for show.
4)      Practice memorizing/learning courses (in lessons with Coach D).
5)      Pop Mystic over a tiny fence.
6)      Run three days a week.
7)      No pop, energy drinks or booze for Kate.  (show day is an exception, red bull gives me wings and I might need liquid courage...)
8)      Visit Henry at the trainers.
9)      Participate in plank challenge at the barn. 
10)   Clean and organize car and lockers. 

Yep.  10 goals.  Holy crap.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Gonna be a crazy/amazing month I think! :D

  2. Sounds like everyone is doing well. Great goal too! Have fun in February.

  3. Those are good goals! And show day is definitely an exception to the no booze rule. :P

    1. Yeah I get pretty bad show nerves...if I remember correctly from my last show that was a gazillon years ago haha! Booze will help!

  4. Great goals! My first show of the year is on the same date as yours. I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from bc!

    1. Oh neat! I will send you good jingles that day too! We got this :)

  5. wow Mystic looks great!! Apollo and Henry too (oopsies about the bungled hauler date... but oh well!). i am literally so excited about your upcoming show (sorry if that's weird) and am pumped that Apollo is going so well right now. you guys are gonna be great!

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope we bring home some pretty satin to show you ;)

  6. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I think your goals sounds attainable! (Except maybe the no soda and booze... I personally am not a quitter!) I'm excited to follow along!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I couldn't give up coffee... or I would kill someone hahaha. Hopefully I can get the scale to move a little more for me this month :)

  7. Wow! What a month it will be! Great updates on the ponies. You got this girl

    1. What a month is right! Thanks, I hope so haha ;)